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PNP Heads being disingenuous says G2K

G2K | 2016-04-20 00:00:00

Generation 2000 (G2K), the Young Professional Affiliate of the Jamaica Labour Party, has labelled statements made by the heads of the PNP as disingenuous. G2K’s reaction follows erroneous statements made by Mrs. Portia Simpson Miller and Dr. Peter Phillips during a press conference held at the PNP’s HQ yesterday.

G2K would like to remind Jamaicans that during Dr. Peter Phillips’ tenure as Minister of Finance the Jamaican people suffered through one of the largest increases in taxes in Jamaica’s history, amounting to over J$58 Billion. The tax policies that Dr. Phillips implemented since 2011 have pushed the country to the brink.

“Given his ferocious appetite for taxes Dr. Peter Phillips has absolutely no authority to speak on the topic of taxation.  His time could be better spent doing some introspection, to decipher why his failed policies and ideology left the Jamaican economy flat, despite the many hard sacrifices made by the Jamaican people,” said Senator Matthew Samuda, G2K President.

Mrs. Simpson Miller was also taken to task by G2K for making the disingenuous statement that “the programmes announced in last week's Throne Speech were a continuation of the PNP's 'legacy' ”. The Governor General’s Throne Speech 2016, which outlined the plans that this JLP government has for the country, listed many legislative initiatives and innovations from the policies of the JLP, which include, but are not limited to:

•         Legislation to create fixed election dates and term limits for the Prime Minister
•         Impeachment Legislation
•         A Constitution (Amendment) Bill to replace Her Majesty the Queen with a Non-Executive President as Head of State
•         The Judicature (Resident Magistrate) (Amendment) Bill to provide the right to appeal by the prosecution
•         The establishment of the National Human Rights Institute (NHRI) in law and enhancement of the Office of the public Defender to incorporate the NHRI
•         Legislation to provide for judicial review of the exercise of the discretion of the DPP
•         Reform of the judiciary

“The plans that were outlined in the Govenor General’s Throne Speech will go a far way in the journey towards ‘fixing government’ so that Jamaicans can realize their dreams of prosperity. Furthermore, the JLP government must be commended for pioneering bold legislation for which the PNP did not have the political will or acumen to put forward,” said Stephen Edwards , G2K Vice President.

Generation 2000 is urging the leadership of the PNP to refrain from making irresponsible and unfounded statements in the public sphere.

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