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St Ann receives new school building

PROComm | 2016-04-22 00:00:00

South Florida based Levitetz Family Foundation has once again, partnered with Food For The Poor Jamaica (FFP) to construct new facilities for the Toddlers Learning Centre (TLC) in St. Ann. 

This is the fifth time the foundation has partnered with FFP to build an early childhood institution. The opening ceremony held on April 7, 2016 saw the school’s students, staff and principal extending their deepest gratitude to the Levitetz Family for their investment in Jamaica’s future and restoring hope at the Toddlers Learning Centre.

President of the Levitetz Family Foundation, Jeff Levitetz founded the Purity Wholesale Grocers, a once small American independent company that has grown into a national network of companies with headquarters in Florida. Mr. Levitetz’s relationship with FFP started in 2007 and is dedicated to investing in the development of Jamaica through the construction of schools. The Levitetz Family Foundation built four schools prior to TLC - Steerfield Basic in St. Ann as well as Harkers Hall Basic, Planters Hall Infant, and Hill View Early Childhood Care Centre in St. Catherine.

“I couldn’t be more excited to share with all of you, the teachers, the students, the parents, the community. It is an absolute pleasure. I want to thank FFP for all their hard work and everything they have done and the great collaboration with our Foundation. On behalf of the Foundation, we truly wish you all nothing but great success in everything that you do,” said Levitetz Family Foundation Executive Director, Daniella Jordon, who represented Jeff Levitetz at the opening ceremony.

Toddlers Learning Centre has faced many challenges which resulted in a poor learning environment for the 103 students enrolled at the institution. The new facilities include sufficient classroom space with fans, adequate furniture, a fully-equipped kitchen, proper bathroom facilities, N-Computer set of six computers, playground equipment and fencing.

“Food For The Poor is passionate about creating a legacy of easier access to education for our nation’s children. Every child in this island deserves an opportunity to gain education of the very highest quality. The 103 students here can now breathe a sigh of relief thanks to the Levitetz Family Foundation,” said FFP’s Executive Director, David Mair, in his address at TLC’s official opening.

The school’s principal, Sonia Keise, shared with guests that she worked from under an ackee tree as the school building was a very small structure that was inadequate for housing the school. Keise extended her deepest gratitude to the Levitetz Family for their generosity and invaluable investment into her school and Jamaica at large.

“Our donors must be told today that this gift is greatly appreciated. You have given TLC new hope and have provided the support needed for us to continue our mission as a school seeking to make a difference in our society,” said Keise in her address during the official opening ceremony.

The Toddlers Learning Centre now offers an environment that is now conducive to learning and teaching to ensure that all its students achieve their maximum potential and are fully equipped for secondary level education. As a result of FFP & The Levitetz Family Foundation’s intervention, the institution’s current student body of 103 is expected to grow.

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