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PNP Western Leaders demand response to burgeoning crime wave in St. James

PNP HEADQUARTERS | 2016-07-04 00:00:00

The People’s National Party is expressing its concerns over what they view as a worrying trend in western Jamaica generally and the parish St. James in particular. PNP Candidates of the last general election, Sharon Ffolkes Abrahams and Ashley-Ann Foster, have expressed alarm at what seems to be the taking over of the wider western belt by a violent minority, who seem bent on creating mayhem.

“The unprecedented upsurge in serious criminal activities and the climbing murder rate within St. James in particular, is unacceptable and must not be allowed to continue” says the chairman of St. James Central, Ms. Foster. With the new JLP administration not signalling any plan of worth to deal with this growing scourge, most are left to ponder if the country is now on auto-pilot and a public relations campaign that has done and is doing nothing to address this matter of national importance.

Ffolkes Abrahams, Foster and the St. James leadership of their Party are admonishing the Holness’ led government for its lack of response to the issue and is calling on Security Minister Robert Montague to tell St. James and the nation, what are his plans to address an out of control crime problem. The St. James Central Caretaker Foster also said, “Our Party leadership in St. James is of the view that the lack of response to the outcry of the people to the government surrounding this calamitous issue, has been woefully inadequate and borders on a dereliction of duty to the Jamaican people.

The St. James leadership is recommending that the government considers forming a bipartisan, community based actions groups to help them tackle what seems to be an insurmountable problem. They are also recommending the following actions:

• Increased engagement and deployment of under-cover police officers to bolster the collection of pertinent crime solving intelligence, which includes the use of technology
• The bipartisan mobilization of community stakeholders such as the St. James Parish Council, JCF, SDC, PMI, Ministers Fraternal, Churches, Service Clubs, Citizen and Security Justice Programmes, Youth Clubs and political representatives.
• The implementation of a development programme for the social and infrastructural upliftment in some 20 informal urban communities in Montego Bay prone to criminal activities.
• Reactivate and strengthen the Parish Safety & Security Committee under the auspices of the parish council and the Custos.



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