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Small businesses urged to use Digital Marketing for growth

Digicel | 2016-07-04 00:00:00

“Future-ready businesses must be armed with a Digital Marketing strategy if they want their businesses to survive in this economy.”

These were words of advice from Steffan-Chad Haughton, Business Account Manager at Digicel Business, addressing a group of small business owners participating in the Scotiabank Vision Achiever Programme.

Haughton was the keynote presenter at a Digital Marketing workshop for the group, which was hosted at the Digicel Building in Kingston on Tuesday, June 28.

Haughton observed that when he asked the group of business owners if any of them had a Digital Marketing strategy, only one person said ‘yes.’

“Every small business needs to incorporate Digital Marketing in how they promote their businesses and interact with their customers these days.  The world is going digital and if you don’t embrace that as a business, you’re going to miss out on a lot of opportunities,” Haughton said to the participants.

Digital Marketing, according to Haughton, is far more than just setting up a social media page for a business and waiting for the ‘likes’ to come in.

“While many people think Digital Marketing starts and stops at social media, it’s much bigger than that.  Digital Marketing has a variety of channels so you can reach your customers through SMS or sending text messages, apps, email marketing, digital radio and TV and of course, any of the wide array of social media channels that are now so popular like Instagram and Snapchat,” Haughton pointed out.

He added, “Two of the primary benefits of Digital Marketing are the immediate insights and metrics that are available to you and the direct line it creates between the business and the customer. Business owners must use these to their advantage—take feedback from your customers and incorporate it in what you do and convert those ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ on social media into customers that will keep supporting your business.”

After walking the participants through a step-by-step process for developing a Digital Marketing strategy for their businesses, Haughton urged the contestants to start taking Digital Marketing more seriously.

“Many of you might be thinking that maybe you don’t have the kind of money or resources to take on Digital Marketing successfully, like some of the bigger brands.  It simply means that you’ll have to work a little harder and find more creative ways to communicate with your customers.  It’s not all about how much money you have; it’s more about the conversation you create between your business and your customers and how you maintain your relationships with them,” Haughton said.

Digicel Business, the ICT solutions arm of the Digicel Group, is one of the major partners in the Scotiabank Vision Achiever Programme.  Participants in the workshop included representatives from local SMEs such as Candy Craze, Fashion Addiction, The E-Biz Centre Ltd., Pineapple Court Hotel, Krystal Clear Productions and Kaluga Café, among others.

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