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G2K: Ronnie Thwaites is right

G2K | 2012-06-22 11:22:00

President of Generation 2000 the young professional arm of the Jamaica Labour Party Floyd Green today expressed support for the Minister of Education's, Ronnie Thwaites, position  that "the imposition of tax on basic food items  can only be tolerable if in fact there is a proper social security net", as published on National Radio yesterday.

Mr. Green said that G2K maintains that it is unreasonable for any government to place taxes on basic food items without  ensuring that the most vulnerable in the society are protected. He said  that despite many calls from numerous quarters within the society the Government has maintained this misguided policy without establishing the necessary safeguards.

G2K advised that the onus is now on the Prime Minister to actively exhibit her concern for the poorest amongst us by putting mechanisms in place to make certain that those most vulnerable in our society are protected from these intolerable policies.

G2k commended  Minister Thwaites for having the courage to maintain a reasonable posture on the matter, as he seems to be the only voice of concern coming from the government on this issue.


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