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What Has Happened To The Search For NSWMA Executive Director?

Jamaica Environment Trust | 2016-07-16 17:00:00

The Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) takes note of the recent appointment of former Jamaica Labour Party councillor Audley Gordon to the newly created post of Chief Technical Officer at the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA). Media reports state that his experience in waste management is with the KSAC, but much more expertise is needed to operate a modern waste management system.

Mr. Gordon will no doubt be of considerable assistance to a new Executive Director.  JET would therefore like to know the status of the interview process to replace the Acting Executive Director at NSWMA. JET’s understanding is that the post was advertised last year but no candidate was selected at the time of the February 2016 general election.

The post was then re-advertised and although Chairman Dennis Chung advised the process was “well advanced” in July of 2016, a selection has not yet been made. At a recent forum held by CAPRI on the advantages and disadvantages of privatization of the Riverton Dump, the need for qualified and professional management at NSWMA was repeatedly emphasized.

JET calls on the Minister of Local Government, the Hon Desmond McKenzie, to update the public on the status of the search for an Executive Director for the NSWMA.

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