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RUBiS invested in Road Safety

Breakthrough Communications | 2016-09-09 00:00:00

“RUBiS Energy Jamaica is fully aware of the seriousness of safe road usage as we have been committed to the fight against the alarming rise in motor vehicular incidents and fatalities. To that end we have not only partnered with other stakeholders in spreading the message of road safety but, we have also incorporated Road Transport Safety Management and other safety programmes as part of our own operations,” said Alain Carreau, CEO RUBiS Energy Jamaica.

Carreau went on to explain that, to date, over 100 RUBiS staff members and haulage contractors have benefited from Safety Training Programmes such as, Smith Defensive Driving Course; Safety Orientation and Journey Management.

“All our vehicles including our petroleum distribution fleet are thoroughly inspected, with ongoing monthly checks to ensure compliance and we have implemented a Road Transportation Safety Awards incentive programme to foster continuous improvement in road safety performance,” said Carreau.

Jamaica’s roads are set to increase in pedestrian usage and motor vehicular traffic as students return to their schools through their respective modes of transit. Safe road usage needs to become a priority as with increased usage there is an increased risk of incident and fatalities.

“Jamaicans need to encourage and practise smart, safe road usage for the protection of our students. Road Safety is everyone’s responsibility. RUBiS has experienced a downward trend in road accidents from 2013 to present through application of our road safety policies. With a national effort, Jamaica too can realize this in reducing the National Road Fatality Index,” said Carreau.
RUBiS has shown their commitment to road safety through their impactful programmes and continued support of awareness initiatives. Visit the RUBiS Energy Jamaica Facebook page for more information about RUBiS’ safety programmes and tips for safe road usage.


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