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Digicel 4G mobile is here !

Digicel | 2012-06-27 00:00:02


Surf, Stream and Share with Jamaica’s only island-wide 4G mobile network

Digicel has announced the launch of its brand new 4G Mobile network which will see customers all across Jamaica enjoying a completely unique mobile experience with reliable, superfast internet speeds.

The launch of Digicel 4G Mobile means customers island-wide can now surf their favourite websites like Facebook, stream videos from YouTube and share messages and pictures with friends at superfast mobile speeds – all of which can be seen brought to life in Digicel’s new Surf, Stream and Share marketing campaign.

With an additional investment of US$30 million on top of its existing investment of over US$1 billion, Digicel’s 4G Mobile network is based on the latest HSPA+ technology and is the next step in high speed mobile internet. Importantly, the Digicel network is Jamaica’s only island-wide 4G mobile network covering 80% of the population from day one.

In addition, Digicel has introduced an impressive range of the latest 4G-enabled handsets to support its 4G Mobile launch, which customers can purchase from any of Digicel stores island-wide.

Digicel has also introduced a number of affordable data plans for individuals and corporate customers - starting from only $1,500 per month for post-paid and $100 a day for prepaid customers – ensuring customers can enjoy the Surf, Stream and Share benefits of 4G Mobile.

To ensure that as many people as possible can enjoy the amazing benefits of 4G Mobile, Digicel is offering up to a 50% discount on the purchase of select handsets and up to 2 months of free data from today until July 31, 2012.


Digicel’s Chief Executive Officer, Mark Linehan said; “In our fast paced, ever-changing world, Digicel is always making sure that we stay in step with our customers and their needs. Our 4G Mobile network sees customers getting the best out of their mobile devices by enabling them to ‘Surf, Stream and Share’ with superfast speeds. With 4G Mobile available island-wide, you become the hotspot and can harness and unleash the power of your mobile device.”

To get more information, customers can text 410 to 137, or visit any Digicel store and speak to one of the Digicel 4G Mobile experts to get information on how to activate Digicel 4G Mobile on their enabled handset.







30 Days


2 GB

30 Days


4 GB

30 Days



30 Days



500 MB

1 Day


1 GB

30 Days


2 GB

7 Days


3 GB

30 Days



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