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Stop it! Chuck warns Scammers in St. James

Ministry of Justice | 2016-09-27 08:00:00

Speaking at a Justice of the Peace town hall meeting in St. James last Thursday (September 22) Minister of Justice, Delroy Chuck sent a stern warning to lottery scammers in the parish to "Stop it, cut it out." Minister Chuck revealed that the telephone conversations of scammers are being recorded and that they will be caught, pointing to the link between the spate of murder in Montego Bay and lottery scamming.

"Your conversations are being listened to so it's not long before you are caught and  I will be more than happy to sign the extradition requests and put you away for a long time".

He argued that those who plunder the elderly and other vulnerable groups of their hard-earned money must be dealt with as harshly as possible.

"Those engaged in such practices must be given long sentences. A signal must be sent that they [scammers] will not be free to enjoy what they scammed.

St. James under siege...Help needed

Member of Parliament, Dr. Horace Chang, who greeted the JPs at their town hall meeting, argued that, "We have to find some way to restore order [in Montego Bay]. It is impossible to continue like this".

He lauded the work of the Ministry of Justice but said that the crime problem in Montego Bay is destroying that work.

He urged the Justices of the Peace to take action to restore and maintain some level of respect, decency and law and order.

Minister Chuck told the JPs that St. James needs help and that it cannot be just the work of the police to fight crime but every citizen must play their part.

"Are you going to surrender to those who want to destroy your parish? I beg of something! Restore decency/order across Montego Bay/St. James."

"This parish is under siege," lamented Chuck. "If you do nothing it is tantamount to surrendering to criminals," he ended.

The most recent upsurge in violence came with the multiple murders in Montego Bay on Thursday (September 22) while Minister Chuck was attending his island wide sensitization session and meeting with community leaders in the parish.

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