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Former Minister Arscott Commends Mayors on Parish Disaster Committees Preparedness

PNP HEADQUARTERS | 2016-10-03 10:00:00

Opposition Spokesperson on Local Government, Noel Arscott is applauding the efforts of the Mayors as Chairpersons of the Parish disaster committees for their tireless efforts in seeing to the readiness of the Parishes for the possible onslaught of the impending Hurricane Matthew. He said, "Their commitment to the safety and well being of the people of Jamaica is unquestionable and should be commended."

The former minister also while commending the start of the drain cleaning by the government, is expressing his concern about its lateness and the seemingly inadequate level of cleaning that has taken place, relative to the kind of precipitation that is expected from the weather system, should the country be affected.

Mr. Arscott is also calling on Jamaicans to listen to and follow instructions of the ODPEM. "We should not take this threat lightly, as the system is quite large and Jamaica will be affected in some way." "For my own constituency, the residents of Clarendon and Jamaica as a whole, I urge everyone to take all steps to remain safe and to take care of their families and neighbors."



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