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JPS Appeals to Customers to Refrain from Trimming Trees Close to Power Lines

Jamaica Public Service Company Limited | 2016-10-02 10:00:00

JPS is appealing to customers to refrain from attempting to cut trees close to power lines as they prepare for weather conditions associated with Hurricane Matthew. 

While the Company reminds customers that maintenance and trimming of trees on their personal property is the customer’s responsibility, customers that have failed to trim and now have trees on their property that have grown up into their service line, or any JPS wire, should NOT attempt to cut branches from these trees, as this may result in electrocution.  Further, trees that have branches which may fall on power lines, should not be trimmed, as these branches may fall on the line and result in electrocution for the cutter, as well as an outage.  This may in turn delay the rate of restoration of power supply for those customers.

In general, when residents are faced with dangerous circumstances, such as trees too close to power lines, JPS will assist by disconnecting the supply, so that the cutting exercise may be carried out safely by the resident.

The Company has had a heightened number of calls with respect to trees on personal property which may have falling branches or which are in danger themselves of falling on power lines or personal assets.  It should be noted however, that the Company is now in intense preparation mode for the storm and may be challenged to render individual assistance at this time.

JPS appeals to all members of the public to make every effort to stay safe and not to take unnecessary risks at this time.

Posted By :Audrey Williams

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