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The Legal Aid Council is reporting that ten (10) minors were being held at the Barrett Town Police Station in Montego Bay as at Thursday, January 25, 2018. Seven of the minors were taken into custody prior to the State of Emergency.

Those children detained under the Emergency Powers have been released.

Of the children remaining in custody, three (3) were without legal representation and have been assigned to experienced Montego Bay attorney, Mrs. Betty-Ann Smith-Waite.

Mrs. Smith-Waite appeared in the Western Regional Gun Court on Thursday, January 25, 2018 and represented the minor charged with illegal possession of firearm.

Today (Friday, January 26, 2018), the minor charged with attempted housebreaking and appeared was represented by counsel in the Children’s Court.

The third child is deemed “uncontrollable” and, though not charged for a criminal offence, will be provided with representation by the attorney.

Meanwhile, the Legal Aid Council has written to the Police High Command on behalf of 36 detainees seeking medical attention for four (4) and Status Reports on all of the 36 detainees.

The Council – in collaboration with the Cornwall Bar Association - is providing legal representation for persons detained under the State of Emergency in St. James.

Nineteen (19) Counsels - including six (6) Senior Lawyers – are available to provide representation for detainees.

Residents of St. James who have been detained can contact the Montego Bay Legal Aid Clinic, at 42 B Union Street, St. James or Tel: 9522183, or call the Cornwall Bar Association at Tel: 9401960.

Residents of St. James may also visit the Instagram and Facebook Pages of the Cornwall Bar Association for a list of the Lawyers who have been rostered.

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