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Bartlett calls for a 'Holistic Sustainable Tourism Roadmap for Asia'

Ministry of Tourism | 2018-05-16 15:52:00

Speaking at the 9th Asian Leadership Conference on Globalisation in Crisis: Navigating the World with New Opportunities in Seoul, South Korea, Min the Hon Edmund Bartlett called for the need for a 'Holistic Sustainable Tourism Roadmap for Asia'.

Recognising the growing and future potential of the region, especially with the potential unification of North and South Korea, the growing economies of Indonesia, India and China Minister Bartlett said that Asia will soon become one of the desired tourism destination for many and, a major source market for various other destinations. According to Bartlett, this will be "a game-changer, not only for the Asian region but for countries like Jamaica who will need to prepare for the influx of curious travellers from Asia".

Bartlett stated that the Asian region will need to work with existing stakeholders such as PATA and the UNWTO to enhance their existing products and services and, to develop new products and services in the region to attract the transitioning travellers. He further stated that there will be a need for travel authorities in the region to manage both inbound and outbound travel, while importantly protecting against harm to the environment and effectively safeguarding heritage spaces.

According to Mr. Bartlett, the recently developed Global Tourism Resilience and Crisis Centre housed at the University of the West Indies will play an important role in the upcoming transition of the Asian region in terms of research, monitoring and evolution as well as training and capacity building and advice.

The Minister travels to Gangneung to participate in the PATA Annual Summit (PAS). He will participate as a panellist at the United Nations World Tourism Organization/PATA Leaders Debate on Saturday, May 19. High on the agenda are discussions regarding the implications of the North South Korean unification for travel and tourism in the region and further implications for the world.

Bartlett is accompanied by Dr Lloyd Waller, senior advisor/consultant and Anna-Kay Newell, Executive Assistant to the Minister. The team is expected to return to the island next Monday.

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