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Reggae Legends Chalwa To Release Innovative New Album “Concentration Time”!

0 | 2018-05-29 14:59:00

Reggae legends Chalwa are releasing an innovative and eclectic new album! Could this be the “Sgt. Pepper” of reggae albums? With its unique and unusual production, along with the stellar performance by the band, upon listening to “Concentration Time” one might draw that conclusion.

Chalwa is based out of Asheville, NC and plays original High Country Reggae. The band consists of a diverse all-star line-up of local musicians from bands such as the Asheville Horns, Hope Massive, Josh Phillips Folk Festival, Biodesiel, and the Everydays. After hitting the scene in 2006, Chalwa toured throughout the southeast US and Jamaica. The band has shared the stage with reggae greats such as: Midnite, Groundation, The Meditations, Bambu Station, SOJA, Pato Banton, and many more.

Chalwa released their first CD in 2009 and was voted one of the top World Music, Reggae bands by the Mountain Xpress in 2010. In support of their CD the band performed a live set on-air interview on WNCW, along with radio air play on Dubatomic Particles and Local Color. And now much to the excitement of the band's fans worldwide Chalwa is releasing their new album “Concentration Time”!

“Concentration Time” started out as weekly studio sessions where the band was exploring different musical ideas/soundscapes with no intention of creating an album. We were just having fun every Monday and Tuesday night for months with no expectations…just letting the “now” take care of the “later” by creating a journey with no destination in plan. Each song on “Concentration Time” was created purely in the moment and developed as organically as possible utilizing current events surrounding the band's lives as lyrical subject matter. The result is something genuine and real…so settle back, relax and enjoy the journey that is “Concentration Time.” - Dennis Chalwa Berndt

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