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Public Health Inspectors To Host Inaugural Exposition to Educate and Empower Populace

0 | 2018-06-06 15:42:00

The Public Health Inspectors (PHI) of Manchester will be hosting an inaugural Environmental Health Exposition on Wednesday, June 13, in an effort to increase awareness about environmental health and empower consumers within the parish of Manchester, to ensure that their environmental needs are met.

The Expo will be staged under the theme, "Public Health Inspectors Safeguarding Your Health" and will be held at the Parking Lot at the Wesley Methodist Church and Ho's Supermarket, 59 Manchester Road in Mandeville, Manchester.

The morning segment which will begin at 9:00 a.m. will include a poster competition by primary school students and also booth displays which will showcase the different areas of environmental health. In the afternoon, there will be an opening ceremony at 1:00 p.m. while a jingle competition, entertainment and physical activity beginning at 3:00 p.m. will close the day's event.

Chief Public Health Inspector for Manchester, Charmaine Palmer-Cross explained that with 25  PHI serving the environmental health needs of 190,000 persons in Manchester and with 15 officers constantly on the ground, the PHI's of Manchester are cognizant of the challenges in meeting all the environmental needs of the parish.

She explained that there are at least five programme areas that must be constantly manned which includes food safety, institutional health, vector control, veterinary public health and water sanitation. 

"Approximately 1,500 food handling establishments with over 8,000 food handlers and 26 tourist establishments are monitored annually under the food safety programme. The team also monitors over 80 water supplies (National Water Commission, Parish Council and private). There are over
300 schools that are monitored under the institutional health programme as well as health centres, hospitals and penal institutions.  The vector control programme has maintained a downward trend in its Aedes Index moving from 40 percent in 2015 to 20 percent in 2017.  The parish is working to attain a target of 15 percent by the end of 2018" Mrs. Cross said.

The Expo is also being held as part of a series of events by the Manchester Health Services in celebrating June as Health Month, in an effort to improve the health and wellness of its staff and clients in Manchester.

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