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The Partners Interventional Centre of Jamaica (PICJ) and Medical Associates Hospital (MAH) hosted the Chairman’s Luncheon at the Medical
Association of Jamaica’s 2018 National Symposium at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel.
In keeping with this year’s Symposium theme of Obesity, the luncheon focused on the Impact of
Negative Vascular Change often caused by this disease. Through a keynote address delivered by
the Hon. Prof. Denise Eldemire-Shearer, guests were introduced to the new cutting-edge
discoveries in medical science surrounding the effects of Obesity on diseases such as Dementia.
“The study is looking at the impact of vascular changes that occur in the body as a result of a
number of issues, such as high blood pressure and obesity. The impact of these vascular changes
can be disease and so the study is looking at what diseases are caused by vascular change, such
as dementia and stroke, and suggesting how we can avoid some of the very devastating effects
of vascular disease,” said Hon. Prof. Eldemire-Shearer.
As a cardiovascular centre located at a full-service private hospital, PICJ fully supported the
MAJ’s Symposium surrounding Obesity and brought on board Prof. Eldemire-Shearer, an expert
in the care of the elderly, to present the findings of her study.
“The symposium’s focus on Obesity was directly in line with us, at PICJ, because obesity is a
metabolic disorder which has impact on cardiovascular disease. It stimulates the sympathetic
system which leads to heart failure, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases. So, we are
thrilled to be partnering with the Medical Association of Jamaica to talk more about obesity and
what we can do about it. Preventative cardiology is a part of our framework. This is why we
wanted to lead a discussion on the vascular cause for dementia. As the cardiovascular centre
that looks to treating and preventing cardiovascular diseases, if there is a vascular cause for
dementia and we can prevent it, the we are eager to seek it out and make it a reality,” said Dr.
Victor Elliott, Managing Director at PICJ.
The Luncheon was a part of the three day conference hosted at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel for
medical professionals and the general public to engage in new issues related to Obesity related
to Obesity and Its Consequences, Medical Aspects of Obesity and Ethical Issues in Dealing with
the Obese Patient.

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