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Non-Profit Organizations Get Needed Support From IT Providers

0 | 2018-06-26 09:39:00

Microsoft has partnered with local IT service provider, Discount Computers & Services (DCS) Ltd., to deliver technology solutions that are accessible, affordable, and relevant for Non-Profit Organizations (NGO). Aligned with the mission of moving NGOs to the cloud, Microsoft and DCS Ltd. are developing an educational campaign which will offer a comprehensive set of tech solutions to make digital transformation attainable to them.

As one of Microsoft’s NGO focused Information and Communications Technology (ICT) partners in Jamaica, Discount Computers & Services Ltd. has continuously assisted certified Non-Profit Organizations with acquiring free software subscriptions offered by Microsoft.

“We strongly believe in empowering mission-driven organizations around the planet through the donation of cloud computing services,” said Laycya Holmes, Microsoft Jamaica Country Representative. “We’ve donated a significant amount of software to many certified Non-Profit Organizations in the Caribbean, including Jamaica, so partnering with DCS Ltd. as an advocate for our software is a perfect match for us as we seek to expand our efforts.”

Microsoft is a firm believer that tech partnerships can be a powerful force for social good. The new partnership aims to foster collective action for the nonprofit sector in Jamaica. DCS Ltd. will provide Microsoft with the necessary ‘boots on the ground’ to make an impactful contribution to Jamaican NGOs. The programme is expected to impact public and private sector NGOs, including schools, charitable groups and trade organisations.

“Technology and helping people has always been a passion of mine,” said Almando Cox, Director of DCS Ltd.. “As a local Microsoft Cloud Solutions provider, I try to spread awareness of Microsoft donations that could assist in a digital transformation. This is why I’m excited to be working closely with Microsoft on an initiative I strongly believe in.”

The tech partners will be hosting an informative session on June 21 to better acquaint local NGOs with the services being offered. Among the topics to be discussed are digital strategy planning, the use of technology to connect an NGOs people and its processes, and the way technology can accelerate an NGOs impact to serve target groups and realize the NGOs mission. This session will take place at 6:00pm at the PCJ Auditorium located at the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica on 36 Trafalgar Road. The event is open to all NGOs which are registered or have begun the process of registration.

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