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This past weekend when many children in Jamaica were faced with the
painful reminder of an absent father on Father’s Day and other parental issues, Rondell Positive
teamed up with two incredible and inspirational events purposed to give hope, guidance and
support to Jamaican boys.
On Saturday, June 16, 2018, Rondell Positive performed and delivered a motivational message
at the #OurSons event at the Courtleigh Auditorium. This event, organised by B3 Parenting
Magazine, was a free half day workshop, complete with motivational talks, entertainment and
giveaways for Jamaican boys, ages 8 - 16. Before International Guest Speaker Troy Kemp took
the stage, Positive, the ‘Man of Purpose,’ addressed the boys on the topic of their purpose
using the Lesson of the Apple Seed.
“Every apple seed carries the opportunity, not just for one tree, but an entire forest, because
each apple grown bears a seed that can produce more and more. That same unlimited potential
is found within each of us,” stated Rondell Positive.
On Father’s Day, June 17, 2018, Positive was present at “Meet A Father, Change Your Life,” an
event targeting 4000 males from garrison and inner-city communities throughout Kingston, St.
Andrew and St. Catherine, held at the National Arena. Conceptualised by Dr. Otis Manning, this
event was his response to the negative issues plaguing Jamaica, many of which can be traced
back to fatherlessness and absentee fathers in Jamaican homes. Through the support of the
Jamaica Defense Force, the Heart Trust NTA, the National Security Council, the RGD and other
corporations, men were able to connect with over 500 mentors and receive assistance with job
placement and training. The day’s events also included motivational sessions, entertainment
and of course, the viewing of the World Cup Match. Along with performing his hit tracks,
Positive shared his testimony of leaving his life of purposelessness and finding purpose in music
and connecting with others.
“This past Father’s Day weekend was one of the most exciting two days of my life. I saw
amazing change in the lives of so many Jamaican boys and men. At the #OurSons event, I
actually sat and watched as young boys activated their purpose and were able to speak some
things that they wanted to say and had not been able to say before then. Then on Sunday,
‘Meet A Father, Change Your Life’ was so awesome. Over 3000 men were gathered in one room
and they were listening to men from volatile communities throughout Eastern Jamaica who
were able to get free of that life and rise above. It was a personally-life changing event for me
because I even connected with one of my own cousins for the first time. He was present and
looking to change his life and I was so impacted by finally being able to meet him. Both
initiatives need to be done in Jamaica, all over and more often. More men who are
disenfranchised and not connected need this opportunity. I tip my hat to the organisers of both
events and was so honoured to be a part of them.”

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