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The People’s National Party’s (PNP) Shadow Minister of Labour and Social Security, Mr Horace Dalley, CD, MP, say he is disappointed with the meagre $800 increase in the minimum wage announced by Labour Minister Shanine Robinson during her contribution to the sectoral debate on 26th June 2018. Mr Dalley said it is disgraceful that after two years, the government would only offer an $800 dollar increase, moving the minimum wage from $6,400 to $7000 per 40-hour work week.

Mr. Dalley said the announcement of an increase to pensioners was long overdue, but it does not bring the real relief that the pensioners were expecting to mitigate the punishing impact of months of price increases because of the devaluation of the Jamaican dollar. 
The shadow minister described both increases as “too little too late.”  He said the government should adopt the policy, started under the last PNP administration of an incremental increase in the minimum wage at the beginning of each calendar year.
Mr Dalley said during its pre-election campaign in 2016, the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) promised, if elected, to set a minimum wage of $10,000 per 40-hour work week. It has taken the JLP led-government two and a half years to grant an increase in the minimum of only $800 dollars.
The PNP shadow spokesman on Labour and Social Security said the increases are not enough to mitigate the massive movement in price increases and surge in the cost of living during the last 24 monthsto provide any relief whatsoever to suffering workers and forsaken pensioners, who have given their all to this country, Mr Dalley said.
Meanwhile, MrDalley, says he welcomes the call by Minister Robinson for a joint select committee of Parliament to address issues raised concerning security guards. This is an appropriate first step in addressing the many issues affecting this sector, Mr Dalley said.

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