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The People’s National Party’s (PNP) Shadow Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dr. Fenton Ferguson told his colleagues in Parliament during his sectoral presentation that Jamaica needs a new deal for agriculture and rural development. 

Dr. Ferguson said, the new deal must be centered on adequate funding, food and nutrition security, adequate food storage, and the use of climate smart agriculture.  He said the new deal for agriculture must take into account the proper application of technology because agriculture cannot continue in the same backbreaking approach to farming to solve the problems in the sector. 
The Opposition Spokesman said the Ministry of Agriculture must turn to technology and create real partnerships between farmers and researchers to maximize the output from sector. Dr. Ferguson said, a new deal for the sector must include, among other things, a multibillion dollar bond and accessibility to credit for farmers.  The sector was never properly funded and the country cannot continue with this status quo if we intend to exploit the full potential of agriculture to the national economy, he said.
Dr. Ferguson berated the $5 billion allocated to the sector in this year’s budget as woefully inadequate and said new ways must be found to save the sector.

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