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Adolescent Pregnancy: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow is the second of a 3-part lecture series presented by the Women’s Centre of Jamaica Foundation, that will take place tomorrow inside the Main Library of the UWI Mona Campus. The lecture will chart the trends, and exam the issues surrounding adolescent pregnancy over the past 40 years.
The two panelists include Dr. Tazhmoye Crawford, Director of Monitoring, Evaluation & Research at the University of the West Indies) and St. Rachel Ustanny, the Chief Executive Officer at Jamaica Family Planning Association.
The overarching objectives for this lecture are to:
1. To increase public awareness about adolescent pregnancy
2. To examine trends surrounding the issue over the last 40-year period
3. To assess the progress made to address the issues related to adolescent pregnancy
The event will be moderated by Dr. Leith Dunn, Senior Lecturer and Head of the Institute for Gender and Development Studies, and is sponsored by UNFPA and Cuso International.

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