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Cases of Poisoning at Primary School in St. Thomas

Ministry of Education | 2018-09-19 11:34:00

The Ministry of Health has been informed of an incident where several children at a primary school in St. Thomas were given pills by an unauthorized person. The St. Thomas Health Department (STHD) was alerted on September 14, by the Principal of the school, where 19 children had ingested unprescribed tablets. Some children had taken the pills on September 13 and others on September 14.  The Health Department was not informed of any child having symptoms at the time of being alerted.

Arrangements were made for all the children to be brought to the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) Accident and Emergency Unit (A&E). 18 children (accompanied by parents/guardians, principal and guidance counselor) were seen and one child was taken to a private practitioner by the parent.  

Some of the children had symptoms, with the most common symptom being abdominal pain followed by drowsiness. All except one child was clinically well on assessment, with that one child being diagnosed and treated for mild allergy.

The 18 children seen at the PMH had blood investigations done that were normal but the Liver Function Tests remain outstanding.  The children will be reviewed with these results and parents/guardians have been advised to return immediately if any problems arise with the children.

The Ministry of Health would like to warn parents and teachers to be alert for persons who will try to sell or give substances to children. These items may appear harmless and look like familiar items such as sweets and so often are attractive to children. Parents are to educate children on the potential harm of these substances and in particular for them to emphatically refuse any unknown substances from persons known to them or from strangers. In the event of the accidental or intentional ingestion of suspicious items it is advised to seek immediate medical attention.

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