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Jackson commends custom workers, JCF on gun find

Ministry of National Security | 2018-10-08 12:22:00

Opposition shadow Minister of National Security Fitz Jackson M.P. is applauding members of Customs and the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) on the major gun and ammunition find at the Kingston container terminal Wednesday October 3, 2018 and yesterday.
Mr. Jackson said the find has dealt a blow to the flow of weapons into the country and without doubt has saved many lives and those who played a part in detecting and stopping the shipment deserve the highest commendation.
He said the police must bring all those who sought to import these illegal weapons into the country to justice.
Mr. Jackson said too many lives have been snuffed out on account of the proliferation of weapons in the hands of criminals and that every effort must be made to stop the gun flow and to rid the nation's streets of weapons.
“Those who man the ports of entry play a key role in the fight against criminality and stopping the illegal guns from entering the country at the port is a critical part of the effort,” he said.
At same time, Mr. Jackson is applauding the successful efforts of the security forces in foiling the gun distribution operation in the Newlands community of Portmore where persons were apprehended.

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