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National Water Commission | 2018-11-06 14:13:00

The National Water Commission (NWC) wishes to advise that some customers have been experiencing water supply disruptions in the parishes of Clarendon, St. Catherine and St. Mary due to operational issues.                                                                                                              

In Clarendon the Rhymesbury Deepwell is out due to single phase electrical fault and

Vernamfield operations are being affected by National Irrigation Commission (NIC) closure.

Areas affected include: Rhymesbury, Comfort, Ebony Park, Decoy, Prospect Drive, Red Road and Gravel Hill, Vernamfield, Gimme-me-bit, Kemps Hill Racecourse, Banks, Longwood, Coffals, Hayesfield, Moneymusk Lionel Town Portland Cottage and Mitchell Town.

For some St. Catherine residents served by the Sue River Plant and the Sligoville systems #1-4, water supply has been disrupted by a blocked intake

and other mechanical challenges. Full operations are expected at the  Sue River facility by Wednesday, November 7, 2108 while

service will return to the Sligoville system upon resolution of the mechanical challenges.

Areas affected are:                  Free Town, Brenard, Sue River, Mizpah, St. Faiths, Cassava River, Glengoffe, Goffe Road, Jambos Pond and Big Road, Breadfruit Gully, Pleasant Hill, Sligoville Booster station #2, Keith Hall, Binns Close, Bottom Jackson, Bottom Kensington, Top Jackson Storage Tank, Sligoville Booster station #3, Sligoville Community, Top Mary's Village, James Lane, Burke Lane, Sligoville Main Rd, and Winchester Storage Tank

Meanwhile, in St. Mary, power outage in currently hindering distribution at the Broad Gate Pumping station facility.

Affected Area:                       Broadgate community

The NWC regrets any inconvenience these disruptions may cause to its valued customers and where necessary, will provide updates.

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