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Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA | 2019-04-15 11:59:00

The Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency threw its support behind the Government’s efforts towards modernisation of the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Industry at the Outsourcing to Jamaica Conference being held at the Montego Bay Convention Centre.

PICA CEO, Andrew Wynter, shared insights on the value of the BPO sector to Jamaica’s economic development and outlined the Agency’s thrust towards facilitating the creation of more jobs for Jamaicans. According to Mr Wynter; “Facilitating an efficient immigration process for foreign nationals who bring knowledge and expertise to the local BPO sector creates expansion and sustainable development. This is directly linked to the creation of more jobs for Jamaicans and stabilises of the BPO sector. Invariably, this bodes well for the national economy because our citizens benefit from the acquisition of skills and knowledge, are able to contribute to the development of their local communities and elevate their standard of living and quality of life.

He continued; “For many Jamaicans, working in the BPO sector gives them a future and a chance to provide for their families. It also enables them to acquire transferable skills that can be applied to any job environment whether here or internationally because they will benefit from internationally accepted training and accreditation.”

In November, 2018, PICA and JAMPRO (Jamaica Promotions Corporation) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to partner on initiatives that will make investing in Jamaica an easier process for international investors. The agreement will see PICA working with JAMPRO to facilitate ease of movement of investors in the island. The MOU ensures that the immigration process is a seamless one for persons requiring visas and extension of stay for the period of their work permit.

Jamaica’s BPO industry has experienced rapid growth as more than 20,000 persons are now employed in over 40 companies, making it one of the largest employers in Jamaica next to Tourism. Revenues from the industry currently stand at more than US$400 million.
The Conference’s keynote speakers were Brian Cantor and Max Ribitzky, two of the world leadings experts, and have shared their knowledge and insights at numerous conferences including customer experience management, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, robotics process automation and logistics. Local speakers included Yoni Epstein, Chairman of the Global Skills Board and CEO of ItelBPO, Howard Mitchell, President of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica, Debra Fraser, CEO of Caribbean HR Solutions and Audrey Tugwell Henry, EVP of Retail Banking at Scotiabank.

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