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Scam Alert to Digicel Customers

Digicel | 2012-07-17 16:56:00

 Digicel is advising customers to be on the alert for scam callers who are targeting Digicel customers under the pretence of being a media personality on behalf of Digicel.

It has been reported that these scam artists have been impersonating a local media personality and calling Digicel customers informing them that they have won large sums of money and other prizes in a variety of Digicel promotions, while asking customers for personal information and providing the targeted customers with account numbers to deposit money in order to collect their prize. Some of these calls have been made from the number 864-4627.

Conor Looney, Marketing Director at Digicel expressed, “We are extremely disappointed that persons would want to target the public in this manner.

Digicel under no circumstances asks customers to pay money to collect prizes, nor does Digicel contact customers for their personal information in exchange for prizes or money. Persons should always take precautions before giving out personal information or complying with requests of this nature and so we are imploring the public to be extremely cautious about such calls”.  

For information on the details of Digicel’s current promotions, products and services customers should dial 137 for free from their Digicel handset or call 380-0057. Customers can also obtain details on Digicel’s website at

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