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Our Patients…At The Heart Of It All

Ministry of Health (NERHA) | 2012-07-23 09:32:00

“Advancing Patient Centred Health Care Delivery through Collaboration Communication and Care”, was this year’s theme for the St. Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital’s 2nd Annual Scientific Conference. The two day conference held July 7- 8, 2012, saw varied categories of health care professionals congregating at the Sunset Jamaica Grande Resort in Ocho Rios to share and review key findings of researches conducted at the facility.   This strategic forum also provided a medium for practitioners to discuss issues and challenges affecting patients and the delivery of health care at the St. Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital.

A total of ten members of staff were acknowledged and presented with awards and prizes for outstanding service to patients and the facility at the conference’s opening ceremony, held at Columbus Park in Discovery Bay.

Keynote speaker for the conference, Mr. Bernard Coard, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Grenada and Lecturer at the University of the West Indies, in his address charged health care professionals to see their patients as a “social construct, with attitudes, values, and expectations, with a positive or negative disposition.” He reminded them that “most people do not remember most of what you say to them, but what they do remember is how you made them feel”.  He explained that strengthening social capital is the key to organizational and national development. This involves a sense of community, shared responsibility and networking. “We are our brother’s keeper” he explained.  He further urged managers and executive officers to “tap into the collective wisdom of workers” as they know how to efficiently utilize their tools, reduce unnecessary expenditure and relate to their patients. “When people feel that persons in management care there is greater output from workers” he added. As a result, patients will have increased positive experiences as there will be according to Mr. Coard, “a positive domino effect.”

Dr. Nicole Dawkins, Senior Medical Officer at the St. Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital said, “This conference was critical for growth; as key findings revealed will be used to restructure the delivery of health services at the facility and act as a part of a larger framework to improve the health care system.”

The conference, brainchild of Dr. Nicole Dawkins and Mr. Keith Richards, Chief Executive Officer;  was described by participants as a  visionary step towards growth and development for the facility.  

Dr. Gregory Lewis, Conference Secretariat and Senior Registrar in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the St. Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital said, “It is important to note, that the conference particularly addresses the needs of our patients, as they are at the heart of it all”.

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