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G2K congratulates Jamaica’s Athletes

G2K | 2012-08-09 00:00:00

Generation 2000, the young professional arm of the Jamaica Labour Party today, congratulated the Jamaican athletes at the London Olympics for continuing Jamaica’s enviable history of track dominance.

President of G2K, Floyd Green, said that: “Jamaica’s athletes continue to exemplify the spirit and strength of the Jamaican people and show the world that Jamaica is indeed a special place where greatness can be achieved despite whatever adversity is present. The electrifying 1, 2, 3 performance in the Male 200 metres is another fitting gift to the nation in light of Jamaica’s jubilee celebrations and Usain Bolt’s unprecedented Olympic double further cements his iconic status.”

General Secretary of G2K, Colin Virgo, also weighed in and said that: “Jamaicans should be proud of all our athletes; even those who have not won a medal, but have represented the nation with pride, dignity and honour even in defeat.” He singled out Asafa Powel who had faced injury woes in the 100m finals as one who has, over the years worn the Jamaican colours with pride.

In closing, Mr. Green suggested that efforts be made to tangibly honour these athletes and to create systems that secure their economic futures. He also suggested that more must be done to ensure that our athletes share their stories of struggle, strength and determination with the nation’s children, in order to create positive role models for our future generations

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