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Cost Savings the Silver Lining in the Cloud for SME’s

Breakthrough Communications | 2012-08-14 06:00:00

Small businesses in Jamaica are poised to enjoy the economic benefits to be gained from adopting cloud services to power their business operations.  SME’s now have access to a suite of cloud-based, enterprise-grade information technology solutions, without facing the associated costs of investing in hardware, staff and maintenance that are typically associated with premise based IT systems.  This bodes well for small business entrepreneurs who have traditionally been conservative in their adoption of technology due to the costs associated with IT operations.

Columbus Business Solutions, part of the Columbus Communications Jamaica Limited that also operates Flow, has introduced a suite of new cloud services – Voice, Video Conferencing and Security – delivering solutions that enhance business communications, enable innovation, create efficiencies, reduce risk and improve profitability for businesses of all sizes.

The company recently hosted its Columbus Portfolio Showcase, unveiling the new solutions to over 150 leading local businesses. The event featured demonstrations for video conferencing, cloud voice and IT security with international partners Glowpoint, Touch Point, Metaswitch and Anixter present to give attendees a hands-on experience.
“We are committed to leveraging our technology and international partnerships to enable small, medium and large business enterprises in Jamaica to be competitive in a global marketplace,” said John Clear, Vice President, Columbus Business Solutions. “Our new cloud solutions deliver real benefits to businesses by eliminating the need for capital expenditure to acquire hardware and reducing the total cost of ownership of IT resources.”

Speaking at the 2011 Small Business Association Conference, Professor Paul Golding, said that studies show that the capability to manage and afford technology are factors that have contributed to the low level rate of adoption of technology by SME’s in Jamaica.  IT adoption and usage has traditionally been limited to tools ranging from telephone and fax for communications to basic IT applications and software packages such as those for e-mail, word-processing, database management, accounting and payroll packages.

The advent of cloud services from Columbus Business Solutions means that SME’s are now able to access IT applications that would otherwise require a level of investment that would be beyond the scope of their financial resources.   “Our cloud solutions are affordable and scalable and enable SME’s to enjoy the benefits that technology brings to their business, making them more productive, competitive and profitable,” said Clear.

Tyrone Wilson, President and CEO of E-Media Interactive expressed keen interest in the voice and video conferencing solutions after seeing the demonstrations at the showcase event. “We embrace these technologies in our business and understand and appreciate the savings that cloud solutions will deliver,” he said. “We welcome a platform that is available with local support to enable the communications among our team as our sales force is mobile and we have team members who like to work from home. What I have seen from Columbus means I can be more accessible while on the go, and this is a great advantage for any entrepreneur.”

Clear uses the example of cloud video conferencing to illustrate the cost savings that businesses will enjoy and the impact on efficiency and productivity. “Businesses will slash travel and accommodations costs with Columbus cloud video conference solutions. This technology enables face-to-face communication with colleagues and clients in real time, from anywhere in the world, securely in the cloud, ” he said. “It eliminates the time spent to travel to meet with business partners, whether within the island or overseas, and the associated expenses for air fares and hotel accommodations.”

Columbus’ cloud video conferencing solutions can be used from anywhere securely and openly and facilitates as many as 50 persons anywhere in the world to participate on a video conference call with HD quality. The solution can be used from conference rooms, desktops and even mobile devices.

Clear sees Columbus cloud video conferencing as an ideal solution for reducing the costs for travel that comprise a significant portion of the public sector budget. He cites the example of a travelling officer who would normally spend up to 8 hours travelling to and from Negril for a meeting. This activity not only incurs the cost of petrol and overnight accommodation, but also the employee travelling allowance and loss of productivity in the time spent travelling. “Video conferencing eliminates all these costs as someone can stay in Kingston and still have face to face meeting  with a colleague who is in Montego Bay, even sharing documents across the platform.” explained Clear.

Columbus Business Solutions is the leading IT provider of a comprehensive range of business data and communications solutions, enabling SME, Enterprise and Government clients to significantly reduce costs, increase productivity and improve overall communications. In Jamaica, Columbus operates its own end-to-end fibre optic network and leverages this technology to power the new cloud solutions.  “No other telecommunications provider in Jamaica can offer the same assurances of the integrity of its cloud solutions as we can for our customers,” said Clear.

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