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No Fuss At Papa Gus'

Today's EAJ is with our very own Restaurant Week Ambassador Marlon Campbell!In all honesty, I've never thought of Falmouth as a culinary mecca. When I think of iconic Jamaican food spots, Middle Quarters (shrimp), Boston...read more

Simmer Down's SUPERB Piggy Burger

Have you ever heard the phrase “your bark is bigger than your bite?” Well that is definitely not true for Terri-Karelle Reid, because her bite is extremely large.After hijacking Davina in Clarendon and having to...read more

Experience 'Something Fishy'

I immediately burst into a fit of giggles after being told I would be visiting a restaurant called Something Fishy in Clarendon. I envisioned it as only serving fish dishes with aquariums all around. I was a little nervous to go,...read more

Flavourful Woodfire

Even with access to a gas stove, the preferred choice for his grandparents, mother and other relatives was to cook on wood fire."The only time we used gas stove was during rain time," said Rual Stephenson whose rustic,...read more

Lucky Strike Lounge

Lucky Strike Lounge  Think Gourmet. Think Party. Think Lucky Strike. Let’s be honest, food places in fun places don’t always have the best reputation. The food court inside Chucky Cheese’s or the food served...read more

Kendel Foods: Making Cooking Fun Again

 Kendel Foods: Making Cooking Fun AgainKendel is excited to partner for the first time with SSCO Event Management for the hosting of Restaurant Week 2015, through our extensive range of food products.  Kendel is all...read more

Jamaica Yellow Pages’ Foodies Day Out

Ever had that special occasions and didn’t know where to go? Here’s a bit of advice for you “foodies” on choosing the right restaurant for the right occasion:  Hanging with FriendsYou and your die-hard...read more

What does "Gustazos" mean?

What does "Gustazos" mean? Gustazos is a Spanish word that means “a special treat” or “a unique luxury". ICD is proud to announce the launch of Gustazos Jamaica via www.gustazos.com. ICD...read more

Gas Pro – The Gas Professionals.

Gas Products Limited (Gas Pro) is the leading supplier of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) to the Restaurant Sector. We were one of the early sponsors of Kingston Restaurant Week (KRW) during its inception. Once again, we are pleased...read more

Frigidaire: We Got You

“DIG IN”…WE GOT YOU! As Jamaica’s finest restaurantsunveil their wide array of amazing mouth-watering menus, foodies will yet again have a difficult task choosing where they will be dining-out for the...read more

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