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Scampi Provencale.
One can never have too many shrimp recipes.
Here is an exquisite cream sauce served over  sauté shrimp and accompanied by an herbed bruschetta.
Soup Du Jour
Red Peas Soup
Protein-rich red peas are another food that’s gaining in popularity. 
This is an exceptional way to enjoy them.
Mixed Green Salad
A duet of crisp Romaine and Iceberg lettuce garnished with tomato,
Cucumber, onion rings, and black olives.
Chicken Breast A LA Four Seasons
Chicken can be combined with such an infinite variety of marinades, herbs and vegetables that one never really has to have it the same way twice. This could very well be an exception.
Ancho Honey Basted Atlantic Salmon
Out of the depths of the cold Atlantic comes this delicate seafood.
Serve it over a three bean salad that is as colorful as it is delicious.
Rack Of Lamb, Natural Au Jus.
Most epicures believe lamb and veal to be the two most elegant meats.
This natural rack of lamb is a case in point. The au jus makes it completes.
Tenderloin Of Beef W/Red Wine Mushroom Sauce
Try this no-fail recipe on a quality cut of beef, and it will become standard fare for 
Invited dinner guests. All one has to do is very the accompaniments.
Cherries Jubilee
Flaming sweet, red cherries over vanilla ice cream – the cause for a jubilee.
Cheese Cake
This cheese cake stands alone. The strawberry sauce, how ever, stands on tradition.

Nautica Spa Fruit Salad 

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