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Orange Sweet Chilli Wings
Crispy fried wings smothered in our zesty chilli sauce.
Jerk Chicken Spring Roll
Jerked chicken, roast corn salsa, cilantro, scotch bonnet and pepper jack cheese in a crispy wrap, served with creamy cilantro dipping sauce
Tracks Trail Kebab
Jerk Sausage, Chicken and Shrimp Kebab with a Spicy Appleton BBQ Sauce
Tracks Salad
An assortment of local fresh vegetables and raisins drizzled with honey.
BBQ Pork Ribs
Tradition done right. Slow cooked and grilled in our signature BBQ sauce, served with garlic parmesan fries and coleslaw.
Chicken Roulade
Chicken breast rolled and stuffed with a cheese blend, plantains and raisins, grilled and served with warm mixed potato mash and veggies. Served with a white wine cream sauce.
Battered Bake Snapper
Light and fresh, battered and baked snapper with a twist of Jamaican lime served with sweet potato puree, local vegetables and roast corn salsa.
Jerk Pork
Pork marinated in Tracks signature seasoning, served with roast sweet potato, festival, fried plantain and fire cracker slaw.
Curried Shrimp
A typical island curry shrimp baked in its own crock pot served with white rice, tostones, mango chutney and a side salad.
Guinness Cookies and Cream Cheese Cake
Rich cheese cake accented with Irish stout beer infused with cookies and cream. Smooth, sultry and seductive to the taste.
Heavenly Bread Pudding Surprise
Warm Jamaican bread pudding with vanilla ice cream, coconut rum sauce and whipped cream.
Buccaneers’ Delight
Warm rum cake with rum and raisin ice cream and flambé bananas, topped with coconut rum sauce, whipped cream and caramelized nuts.

Enjoy Complimentary Red Peas Soup made from fresh kidney peas and tender beef, slowly simmered in a rich coconut milk seasoned soup. 

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