Jacqui Tyson - From Yardstyle to Gourmet

Nyam & Scram


Jacqui’s Signature Dishes

Daily Offerings:
Jacqui’s Signature Mango Glazed Pig’s Tail
No introduction necessary for a one of a kind experience! 
Waterfront Stuffed Chicken Breast
Stuffed chicken breast filled with fresh market vegetables and mozzarella cheese and finished in tomato concasse.
Fish in Black Bean
Premium Fillet Cuts of Fish poached in a Black Bean and Ginger Sauce
Jacqui’s Spare Ribs
Finger lickin’ Ribs finished with our signature barbeque sauce
Strawberry Glazed Pork Lions
Smoked Pork Lions pan seared and glazed with strawberry sauce
Watch out for this- LIVE PASTA STATION
The real show- from the flames, a live pasta station - fussili cooked “al dente” and tossed flambé style with your choice of shrimps, vegetables or chicken.
You’re Choice of Accompaniment:
Potato Duchesse
Candied Sweet Potato
Candied Plantains
Sweet Treats:
Jacqui’s Crepes
Light French crepes done live and finished with a selection of berries,
apples sand whipped crème
Bread and Butter Pudding
Fresh from the oven – Rum spiced, raisin bread and butter pudding
topped with a warm caramel drizzle
N.B. You’re Choice of One Entrée and Two sides
Price $1300 inclusive of GCT & Service Charge

*All shrimp dishes attract an additional cost of $300 

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