Usain Bolt's Tracks & Records (Ocho Rios)



Cheese Quesadilla
Flour Tortilla filled with Pepper Jack Cheese and escallion, alongside creamy cilantro dip, tomato salsa and guacamole.
Jerked Chicken Spring Roll
Jerked Chicken, roast corn salsa, cilantro, scotch bonnet and pepper jack cheese in a crispy skin and served with creamy cilantro dipping sauce.
Red Stripe BBQ Wings
Wings drenched in Tracks signature BBQ sauce, infused with traditional Red Stripe Beer, served with a tostone.
Small Red Peas Soup compliments of TOR
Jerk Pork
Pork marinated in Tracks’ signature jerk seasoning, served with roasted yam, festival, fried plantain and fire cracker slaw. 
Chicken Supreme in Coconut Mango Sauce
Beer marinated chicken tenders slowly smoldered in a mango sauce enriched with coconut, served with coconut rice and local vegetables.
Batter and Bake Snapper with Corn Salsa
Snapper battered and baked to perfection, light and fresh with a twist of lime served with potato puree and local vegetables.
Curried Mutton
Traditional Jamaican favorite served with coconut rice, mango chutney, local vegetables and tostones.
4 – D Chocolate Cake
Satisfy that chocolate craving with a slice of our rich chocolate cake layered by smooth chocolate filling with a cloud of whipped cream
Tortuga Rum Cake
Rum infused Caribbean Cake served with Vanilla Ice Cream, drizzled with Chocolate Sauce
Heavenly Bread Pudding Surprise
Warm Jamaican bread pudding with vanilla ice cream, coconut rum sauce and whipped cream.

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