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Coconut Shrimp kebab with spicy mango sauce
Three jumbo shrimp fused with local coconut, vegetables and spices glazed with our finest spicy mango sauces grilled to perfection. 
Altamont Caesar salad 
A combination of the freshest romaine lettuce and croutons dressed with parmesan cheese, olive oil, worcestershire sauce flavoured with anchovies and a dash of black pepper. 
Soup de jour
The chef’s selection of the day
BBQ Pork Chops
Altamont tender, most flavourful pork chops grilled and based with our special BBQ sauce. 
Chicken Valetinto 
Juicy butterfly chicken breast marinated and sprinkled with parmesan cheese, Italian seasonings, and chives, completed with bell pepper drizzled with olive oil and baked to a golden crust. 
Fish in coconut sauce 
Seasoned Snapper fillet marinated in local herbs and spices, browned and simmered in coconut sauce. 
Jamaican Jerky Pasta
Seasoned chicken marinated in traditional jerk sauce sautéed with chopped seasoning reduced in a alfrado sauce combined with Penne pasta and served. 
Vegan Salad Surprise
An arrangement of vegan delicacies, placed on a platter with lettuce, sea vegetables, tomatoes, purple cabbage and pear topped with plantain, spiced coconut, and jerk ackee toppings garnished with Jamaican almond.
Starch selection:
Traditional Rice and peas or Sweet Potato or Irish Potato 
All meals are served with Seasonal Steam Vegetables
Raspberry Chocolate cheese cake
Traditional Smooth and rich raspberry cheesecake infused with raisen that melts in your mouth and easy to swallow leaves you longing for just one more bite garnished with cherry and thyme leaves.
Altamont Parfait 
A combination of fruits burst of flavours syrup and whipped cream layered garnished and severed in a tall glass. 

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