Early Bird

 November 13-21 is the most gastronomical week of the year - The Gleaner-sponsored Restaurant Week (RW). Your taste buds are ready to go, and so are our restaurants. This week, we begin the roll-out as some very anxious restaurants have already signed on. The anxious early birds are giving you just a 'tups' of what to expect. So, get ready for RW 2015 as our early birds tell us what they are best known for.

1. Michael's Restaurant and Coffee Shop
"We cook Jamaican (dishes) with a little twist. If you want your ackee, you can get it with saltfish, or with croissants. So you get old classics with new favourites."
2. Toss and Roll Salad Bar
"We don't just provide healthy food, we allow you to help make it special."
3. Cardiff Hotel & Spa
"We have some of the best chefs that prepare the tastiest dishes. We deliver and we are always on time. We take only 15 minutes."
4.Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel-- Regency Bar & Lounge at Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel
"Guests are treated to impeccable service, under the direction of our maÓtre d', whose fine-dining experience spans more than 30 years. This, coupled with the traditional, regal dining room setting and overall historical background of the Terra Nova Hotel, make the Regency and Terrace Restaurants truly unique gems in the city."
5. Usain Bolt's Tracks & Records
"The atmosphere and the vibes can't be beat."
6. Bob Marley's One Love Cafe
"We provide a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city to enjoy the most tasty, filling and healthy wraps, sandwiches, salads, smoothies, natural juices and pastries, while enjoying the rich legacy of the iconic Robert Nesta Marley."
7. Restaurant at Round Hill
"We primarily use local products; we have an organic garden on property which we reap from."
8. Susie's Bakery & Coffee Bar
"We have a great rapport with our customers. They feel like they're at home. They feel comfortable. And we live by our motto - great food, great coffee, great friends."
9. C&C South Beach Restaurant, Sports Bar and Entertainment Venue
"We have that personal touch. Everybody feels welcomed. It's all about the experience."
10. Shirley's Retreat Hotel
"We are known as a hidden treasure with great food - especially our fish dishes."
11. Dragon Court
Pimento Steak and Seafood Wor Bar
12. Pebbles
"Your place for great cheesecakes and so much more."
13. Taste of India
"Delectable, tasty delicacies and renowned Indian hospitality."
14. Roe Japanese
Roe Fine Japanese Sushi and Tea House is best known for its authentic chic Japanese ambience, healthy family-friendly meal options, and the collaboration of Jamaican and Japanese cuisines.
15. Cuddy'z Sportsbar
"We are famous for our jerked chicken pasta, and our stewed peas, it is our best seller. It's so tasty!"
16. Christopher's at Hermosa Cove
"We have beautiful scenery and our chef, Conroy Arnold, prepares wonderful dishes."
17. Cannonball CafÈ
"We are most famous for our coffee, quiches and desserts. We have a wide array of coffees, from blended cold, which is popular now in the summer, to our regulars."
"We are famous for our Jamaican-Italian fusion pasta dishes. Whether it is a tourist or a Jamaican, customers always see something familiar on the menu, choosing to go with traditional Jamaican dishes, like escovietch fish, served with a pasta, or Alfredo, all prepared with fresh ingredients and real flavour, served with a breath-taking view."
"We are famous for our signature salads. We have about nine different types, and customers comment on the fact that they are not only healthy, but they make them feel good when they eat them."
20. A-Bar Restaurant
"We are known for our relaxed setting and cool atmosphere, boasting a signature dish known to many as the jerk chicken penne pasta, and we are also famous for our Beer Wings Wednesdays, where we highlight eight different delicious sauces."
21.Three Scoops Ribs and Wings
"We are famous for our succulent ribs and flavourful wings."
22. CPJ Deli
"We are famous for our pastas, gluten-free soups and our other menu items made from specialty bread. Also, our ambience, coffee and our competitive prices are exceptional."
23. Pelican Grill
"We are famous for our hamburgers, milkshakes, breaded pork chops, lobster thermidor, jerked shrimp spring roll appetiser, and our Pelican Rum Pudding and hot fudge Sunday desserts."
24. Passage to India
"In addition to our beautiful ambience across from the Ocho Rios Pier, we are famous for our authentic Indian cuisine - Tandoori and curry items, kebabs, seafood, vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, and a wide selection of freshly baked nans and rotis."
25. Bamboo Blu
We are famous for our hospitality and our snapper fillet run down, which is one of our most popular dishes.

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