BPO Jamaica, September 25, 2019

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2019 for the outsourcing sector 7 BPO JAMAICA: BPO JAMAICA a BPO-ready labour pool. n The formation of the Business Process Industry Association of Jamaica in 2012, which serves as a focal point for addressing the development of the sector. OPPORTUNITIES Jamaica is poised to attract a wider range of BPO services in the near future as it moves to leverage the growing range of applicable skills in the country to take advantage of opportunities in the sector. VOICE-DRIVEN SERVICES Voice-driven services remain a highly attractive area and are offered by approximately 70 per cent of the island’s current outsourcing operations. Jamaica enjoys the advantage of having the third- largest English-speaking population in the Americas, with a neutral accent and close affinity to North American culture. BPO With cost-competitive and talented labour and an increasing output of business, economics and accounting professionals, Jamaica provides the ideal platform for companies seeking to establish a BPO facility. Opportunities abound in the areas of: n Healthcare n Finance and accounting n Insurance n Human resources KNOWLEDGE PROCESS OUTSOURCING (KPO) Moving even higher up the value chain, notable annual increases in professional degrees such as law, medical sciences, computer science, and engineering provide the perfect landscape to tap into KPO. SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT, TESTING AND MAINTENANCE Jamaica has a proven track record in information technology innovation, with Team Xormis from Northern Caribbean University emerging as winners of the Interoperability Award in the 2010 Microsoft Imagine Cup competition. The increased graduate output from computing, informatics and engineering programmes complements the various public-private partnership initiatives to advance Jamaica as a knowledge society through the promotion of software coding and development. LEGAL PROCESSING OUTSOURCING Jamaica is home to the Norman Manley Law School at The University of the West Indies, one of three regional law schools accredited by the Council of Legal Education. This places Jamaica in an excellent position to attract outsourcing contracts in this area. Many local graduates work in both corporate law and the court system. INCENTIVES For investors in the BPO sector, Jamaica provides a comprehensive set of incentives that add to the already impressive list of natural advantages that Jamaica offers as a near shore location. The two main incentives available in this sector are: SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONES (SEZS) An SEZ creates a specifically delineated location that is governed separately from the customs and tax regimes of the country and is intended to provide targeted incentives and services to encourage export focused investments. Outsourcing companies tend to operate in special economic zones which provide a range of benefits (see table below). Companies can opt to operate in an SEZ (in which case the company operates as an occupant) or operate as a standalone SEZ (in which case the company operates as a developer/ occupant). GROUP HEADQUARTERS This incentive benefits a company that undertakes group headquarters activities on behalf of the members of a group of companies. These activities may include supervision, general management, and central treasury management. Eligibility is confirmed when the company demonstrates that 30 per cent of the group headquarters’ employees are Jamaican. This incentive provides exemption from PAYE tax of non-domiciled or expatriate personnel who perform group headquarters activities in Jamaica. Courtesy of Jampro