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Association of Jamaica (NAJ) Nursing Student of

the Year 2018-19, created history when he

became the first male nursing student to win the

coveted title since its inception in 1999.

Campbell, a student of the University of the

West Indies School of Nursing (UWISON), hails

from the often volatile community of Norwood in

St James but is determined to inspire others from

similar socio-economic backgrounds to maximise

their potential.

Recognised for outstanding academic

performance for the 2016-2017 academic year,

Campbell says he has transformed from a shy,

uncertain youngster to a bold, confident, and

daring individual.

His involvement in coordinating projects,

including campus-wide health-awareness

presentations, fundraisers, and seminars, is

renowned throughout the UWI community.

“The support that I have received from my

peers, lecturers, security guards, and ancillary

staff at the WJC is immeasurable and has no

doubt helped me to nurture a yearning for

excellence with the aim of making myself and

those who believe in me proud,” said Campbell.

“Owing to the support I have received at the

WJC, I was able to believe in myself enough and

muster up the courage to enter the LASCO/NAJ

Nursing Student of the Year Competition 2018-

2019, and the continued words of encouragement

helped to propel me to victory – a victory that is

shared among myself, my peers, the wider WJC,

and my community.

“I am forever grateful to all those at the WJC

who believed in me even when I was unable to

believe in myself,” he added. “The support has

helped me to enjoy a rounded academic life with

consistently excellent end-of-semester results, a

place in history as the first male to win the

LASCO/NAJ Nursing Student of the Year

competition, and, most importantly, a well-

nurtured ability to believe in myself even in the

face of the greatest challenges.”

Campbell is also actively involved in his

community, where he has been serving as vice-

president of the Norwood Achievers Youth Club

since 2014 and as secretary for the Norwood

Community Development Committee Benevolent

Society since 2015.

For Campbell, there is more to achieve after he

earns his bachelor’s degree in nursing, including

securing post-basic education in midwifery and

earning licensure to practice. He also plans to

read for his master’s in public health during the

first seven years as a practicing nurse-midwife,

but his ultimate goal is to receive his licensure as

a nurse-anaesthetist.



Desmond Campbell Jr

First male Nursing

Student of the Year

MY EXPERIENCE at the University of the West Indies,

Mona – Western Jamaica Campus (WJC) was one of

tremendous academic, professional, and personal

growth. The experience was made greater by the

lecturers and other staff who were behind me, cheering

me on and supporting me all the way. I could always

count on my

lecturers to

guide me



and even

with making

life decisions.

They were

like a second

family to me

– many of

whom I still

interact with


My friends

and I were

also inspired

to create a


association called the Association of Future

Psychologists (AFP), which was dedicated to bringing

awareness of mental health to the western campus and

to the region.

We were able to plan and organise many outreach

activities and fundraisers, including a beautification

project at the Cornwall Regional Hospital. All our

activities were made successful by the WJC family,

who were always quick to support us in whatever way

they could. We had symposiums, car washes, research

expos, and other fun and educational activities, and I

can’t remember a single event where members of staff

were not present.

When I made the decision to pursue my MSc in

clinical psychology at the Mona campus in Kingston,

the support and encouragement from WJC was


Currently, I am working as one of three clinical

psychologist for the Western Regional Health Services,

and I am based primarily at the Cornwall Regional

Hospital. I also serve the parish of Westmoreland. My

job requires me to assess, diagnose, and treat adults

and children with mental disorders and behavioral

problems. And guess what? I’ve been fortunate enough

to work alongside my mentor, Georgia Rose.

I feel blessed to have maintained the relationships I

cultivated at WJC.


Most Dedicated Member of the Student

Nurses’ Association of Jamaica, UWISON,

WJC (2016).

Placement on the Dean’s List 2016-2017.

Recognition for outstanding academic

performance in year two.

Placement on the Coordinator’s Honour

Roll 2017-2018.

Inducted into the Caribbean Honour

Society of Nursing on July 30, 2018.

LASCO/NAJ Nursing Student of the Year


Jodi-Marie Hastings

Clinical Psychology, MSc

Inspired to

create, serve