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Enrieka Blagrove

Dreamsmade possible byMoBayCity Run

Blast from the past: Deputy Principal Ishenkumba Kahwa (third left) and CARIMAC Director Professor Hopeton Dunn (right) with graduates of the Animate Jamaica

Programme held at University of the West Indies Mona-WJC in February 2014


Y NAME is Enrieka Blagrove. I

am the third child for my single

mother and grew up with my

grandparents and aunt in the community

of Rose Heights.

I am a goal-oriented individual, driven

by success and intelligence. At Cornwall

College, I obtained eight CSEC subjects

and eight CAPE units. I also served as

deputy head boy and vice-president of

Cornwall College Business Club and

was a member of the Cornwall College

Key Club. But, more importantly, I

learned the value of giving back or

paying forward.

Along with some of my fellow prefects,

I assisted in the breakfast-feeding

programme for students on Mondays,

Wednesdays, and Fridays, and as a Key

Clubber, I visited various homes around

Montego Bay, such as the West Haven

Children’s Home and the Granville Place

of Safety for young women. I also

spearheaded fundraisers to assist these

homes and other charity organisations.

Now I am a full-time student at The

University of the West Indies, Mona –

Western Jamaica Campus (WJC)

reading for a Bachelor of Science

degree in accounting and, thanks to the

Montego Bay City Run, I am less

stressed about my tuition and more

focused on my studies.

Not only did the MoBay City Run

scholarship assist me with more than 50

per cent of my first-semester tuition, it

also helped several other new and

returning students from UWI Mona –

WJC, Montego Bay Community College,

Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College, the

University of Technology, Mount Alvernia

High School, and several other

educational institutions across Montego

Bay and St James.

Achieving a good education is key to

making a better life for the less-

fortunate.The MoBay City Run is one of

the few foundations in Montego Bay that

are for the community and that help less

fortunate individuals gain access to good

education, both at the secondary and

tertiary levels. Now that I am at the UWI

WJC, with the aid of the Mobay City

Run, I can work hard towards my goal of

becoming a chartered public accountant.

I can contribute to the MoBay City Run

foundation by donating funds, attending

the events annually, volunteering to help

others from my community however I

can – whether in the form of monetary

contributions or mentorship where

needed – and helping my country

Jamaica on a whole.