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internal and

external training


HE WAS a cashier at the Molynes Road branch of

Berts Auto Parts when it first opened in 1997.

Over time, her workplace has become a home

away from home. Today, she is

a proud merchandise assistant

with the responsibility of

delivering parts from the

storeroom to the customers.

Yet, what Cleonie Whyte-

Robinson admires most about

the organisation is not how

much she has grown, but the

exposure she receives from

company initiatives and the

training from special sessions.

She said: “There are

seminars both internally and

externally where we learn new

things. Bert’s Auto Parts is

also very involved in the

community, and we get to go

out and do things that we wouldn’t normally do as


“Going to these seminars is very helpful,” she said. “We

learn things that we did not know like certain body

language that the customer might read into.”

To Whyte-Robinson, it is not what you say, but how

you say it and it is not what you do, but how you do it.


Bert’s Auto Parts has a passion for keeping its

customers satisfied, and that is something Whyte-

Robinson is extremely proud of.

“At my branch, we give the customers options,” she

said. “We say, ‘Okay, we have it at the other branch,

would you be able to go there and pick it up?’ We have a

good rapport with our customers. I feel good within

myself when the customer leaves happy.”

Whyte-Robinson enjoys having the ability to contribute

to the company’s community outreach initiatives and

says that she is praying for the future of Bert’s.

She said, “I pray that the Lord will continue to bless

management and continue to give them the vision so that

we will continue to be the best Japanese parts dealer and

continue giving better quality at better prices.

“I love my job and I love my company,” she continued. “I

would never do anything to jeopardise my job. I have great

respect for my CEO and his family and because of that, I

put extra effort into what I do to show my gratitude.”

HAVING WORKED 21 years at Bert’s

Auto Parts, Andrea Meikle can

confidently attest to the fact that

her place of employment caters to

the needs of its staff, holistically.

“They look out for the staff,” she

said proudly. “I have a nine-year-old

who I adore, and they have a little play

area that the children can come to.

When she comes up, I know where

she is. If I feel the need to check on

her, I can go and check on her.”

Meikle describes the working

environment at Bert’s as being

relaxed, inviting, and conducive to


According to the always-smiling

Inventory Officer, “The management

ensures that the programmes, the human

resource, and the infrastructure are in place for

the staff to be comfortable and in a better frame

of mind to work and keep the company


The years have been long and varied. Before

now, Meikle has served as telephone operator,

receptionist, cashier, secretary, car sales

representative, delivery clerk, store supervisor,

and IT administrator.

Meikle was introduced to the company by a

former employer, who suggested that she try her

hand at the seemingly progressive

organisation. Since then, and

having been on staff for an

overwhelming majority of the

company’s existence, the growth

of Bert’s Auto Parts is one she

describes as exponential.

She recalls the opening of the

Molynes Road branch as a

favourite project of hers. “I was

new at the time, and I got this

chance to work with the whole

team. It was a milestone for the

company, and I was there for it,

very early in the job.”


“From inception, we’ve had an

open-door policy,” Meikle

remembers. “Back then, when it was mainly the

CEO, once you have a problem and knock, his

door, he’ll say, ‘Come’. That’s how it is now.”

She explained: “He allows you to sit down and

express whatever it is. With the growth, there are

other channels, but if you need to talk to him,

you can.”

Andrea envisions continued and increased

success and a reality of establishing offices in

other Caribbean islands and globally.

According to her, “Bert can conquer the world

if he chooses.”

A company that looks out for its staff


The Tomlinsons, from second left: Joel Tomlinson, Bert Tomlinson Jr, and Gari-Paul Tomlinson having

a candid conversation with marketing coordinator Ashley Chambers about their latest #Ilovebertsauto


Cleoni Robinson

Delivery Clerk

Tenure: 21 years

Andrea Meikle

Inventory Officer

Tenure: 21 years