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GREAT deal can happen

in 22 years, and for

Dane Hibbert, this is the

length of time he has spent

being a proud member of the

Bert’s Auto Parts family, where

he has grown tremendously.

“I enjoy the working envi-

ronment a lot. It always has

me thinking,” said the proud

auto technician.

Fully aware that a number of

job seekers are desirous of

employment with Bert’s Auto

Parts, Hibbert is happy to be in

his position and part of the

company’s future. “You can see

the long-term vision that man-

agement has, and I’m happy to

be a part of it,” he said.

Noting some of the ways in

which the years of growth

have manifested themselves

within the company, he said,

“When I just came, the staff

was about 30, and now, it’s

about over 200. I watched the

company grow to accumulat-

ing three warehouses and four

branches, and going further.”


If there is ever an individual

to speak of the character of

the CEO, it is the staffer who

has worked in the organisation

for the majority of its exis-

tence. Hibbert’s admiration

and respect for Bert Tomlinson

is seemingly boundless.

“He is all about communica-

tion between himself and his

staff. If you see him, you

wouldn’t know he is the boss.

He is a normal person, not a

show off,” he said.

“Customers expect to see a

man in necktie,” he joked.

“From all the 22 years I’ve been

here, I’ve only seen that man

five times in a necktie and it’s

only when we are going to a

function,” he said in a laugh.

In a bid to better himself,

Hibbert has been back to school

and his initiative did not go unno-

ticed by CEO Bert Tomlinson. “On

two occasions, I paid my school

fee,” he said. “Tomlinson realised

that I did it and gave me back my

money. He also assigned some-

one from overseas to give me

hands-on training free of cost.”

As a consequence of this, the

staffer is now more compe-

tent, more trained, and more

motivated and hopeful for the

future of Bert’s Auto Parts.

He said, “If I live to see the

next 30 years, I want this

company to be the number-

one auto parts dealer not only

in Jamaica, but the Caribbean

so that everybody all over the

world will want to come here

to find out who is behind this

wonderful idea.”


IT HAS been over 20 years since

Mario Johnson joined the

Bert’s Auto Parts family as a

sales representative, a position

he has held to this day.

Though he admits that every

day brings its challenges, he

says that he has grown to love

his job, especially now that the

digital age is reshaping the way

the business operates.

“We have to change with the

times,” he said. “And we are

growing with the times and

using technology as it is being



“If you don’t check Bert’s,

you won’t get what you need,” the experi-

enced salesman confidently declared.

According to him, “It is the only place in the

automotives industry right now where you can

go and if you have 10 things on the list, you

can get the 10 things.”

CEO Bert Tomlinson is described as the con-

summate businessman who is

always looking for new

prospects and new ways to

grow his business. To this end,

Bert’s Auto Parts has remained

superior where customer satis-

faction is concerned.

“If somebody comes in and

wants something and we’ve

never stocked it up before, we

always look it up, get the cor-

rect part number for it, and do

the research,” he said. “The

boss is not afraid to go out

and get what you need. Once

the customer requests it, he is

interested to know about it.”

Along this line, the company

has constantly trained its staff on customer

service, something Johnson is exceedingly

grateful for.

He said, “We’ve had some customer-service

training that was very helpful. It made us look

differently at how we deal with people, and

A clear, long-term vision

Changing with the times




, 23


Dane Hibbert

Senior Mechanic

Tenure: 22 years

Mario Johnson

Master Salesman

Tenure: 20 years