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to the FCJ!


T IS with immense pleasure that the

Jamaica Manufacturers’

Association (JMA) extends

heartiest of congratulations to

the Factories Corporation of

Jamaica (FCJ) as you celebrate

30 years of providing real estate

solutions for businesses seeking

manufacturing and warehousing

spaces. Anniversaries are

milestones to acknowledge your

accomplishments, as well as they

provide the opportunity to

analyse the past, and to set new


The JMA believes that the

evolution of a business is

critically linked to the ability to

access adequate space for receiving, producing,

storing and distributing products. As we stand

on the threshold of a new era with new

challenges, the JMA anticipates an increase in

the levels of cooperation between the two

organisations. Combining our efforts to achieve

shared goals, benefits all involved, as the

success or failure of any one

entity or sector affects the

entire system.

We look forward to

working with the FCJ in

pursuit of developing a

viable manufacturing

industry, and in our

momentous roles in nation

building through

contributions to

employment, industrial and

technological expansions,

and the economic well-being

of the nation on a whole.

The JMA lauds your

achievements and certainly

wishes you continued success in your

operations. Happy 30th anniversary!



The Jamaica Manufacturers’



The PSOJ celebrates with you

THE PRIVATE Sector Organisation of

Jamaica (PSOJ) celebrates with Factories

Corporation of Jamaica (FCJ), 30 years of

distinguished service to Jamaica’s real

estate industry, through the provision of

purposefully situated commercial spaces

and stand-alone buildings to suit the

needs of its clientele.

The PSOJ notes with great admiration

the growth of FCJ, who now manages

157,000 square meters of industrial space,

making the institution the largest real

estate provider in Jamaica. In addition to

this enviable feat, the PSOJ lauds the

organisation for its effective management

and utilisation of resources which has

resulted in the direct/indirect employment

of 5,868 individuals across numerous

industries. By way of this achievement,

FCJ has been able to contribute

significantly to the development of human

capital in Jamaica and should be

commended on this.

FCJ has proved, throughout its 30 years

of existence, that the organisation is

flexible and adaptive in its operations;

guided by sound strategic decisions

resulting in the organisation surpassing

many economic and political strains. The

PSOJ therefore looks expectantly towards

greater expansion of the operations of

FCJ, in relation to new business prospects

and opportunities to benefit its clientele

and Jamaica at large.

The PSOJ celebrates this 30th

anniversary milestone with FCJ and

encourages other organisations, to look to

FCJ as a benchmark for success in the real

estate industry.

Congratulations Factories Corporation

of Jamaica, may greater success be yours as

you transition into another decade.



The Private Sector

Organisation of Jamaica