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JAMPRO congratulates FCJ

for 30 years of excellence

JAMPRO WOULD like to take

this opportunity to recognise and

congratulate the Factories

Corporation of Jamaica (FCJ) for

playing an important role in

providing Jamaicans and

international investors with quality

industrial and commercial space.

We appreciate your long-standing

partnership with JAMPRO as

together we seek to attract more

investments to our country. We

applaud your 30 years of service

particularly to MSMEs, offering

them an opportunity to build

tomorrow’s industries! This a great

achievement for one of Jamaica’s

essential agencies and one of

JAMPRO’s prime partners!

Congratulations, FCJ, job well done!

Your mandate is critical to the

growth of Jamaica and to

JAMPRO’s work, as the availability

of suitable space for investments

and the expansion of industries

becomes a key factor in moving

business in Jamaica forward. For

JAMPRO, investors (and in some

cases, exporters) require suitable

space to expand and to start doing

more business in Jamaica. We

believe that if the FCJ continues to

create space to meet the demand,

Jamaica will maintain its place as

an attractive location for

investment in not only the

Caribbean, but also the world.

It is therefore encouraging to see

that after 30 years, the FCJ is not

slowing down, but is looking

towards developing more suitable

space for key industries such as the

business process outsourcing

(BPO) sector, where Jamaica is

seeing rapid growth and will

continue to expand as the industry


The FCJ plays a pivotal role in

Jamaica’s economic development,

and JAMPRO is confident that the

agency will continue to provide

excellent service to Jamaica and

other local partners in the many

years to come. With brilliant

projects like the Naggo Head

Technology Park and the Morant

Bay Urban Centre to be executed,

we anticipate that another 30 years

of success is on the horizon.






King Pepper

Products Ltd


ING PEPPER Limited is a


processing business which

is located in Factories

Corporation’s Hague Industrial

Estate in Falmouth, Trelawny. It’s

a medium-sized business with

approximately 65 employees. The

business, which has been in

existence since 1985, purchases

raw materials from farmers.

“Our raw materials are sourced

from farmers all over Jamaica, but

mainly, our pepper is coming from

Trelawny, St Mary, and St James

and scallions are from St

Elizabeth. We don’t have a cap on

the quantities we purchase as we

like to buy enough to store so in

the event of a hurricane or

drought, we have enough supplies

to carry on,” said managing

director of King Pepper Products

Ltd, Christine Wong.

The raw materials are used to

make value-added products

under the Eaton Brand such as

seasonings, a range of hot sauces,

jams, and barbeque sauce.

Eighty-five per cent of its

products are exported to markets

in the United States, Canada,

United Kingdom, Japan,

Germany and the Caribbean,

with the other 15 per cent being

consumed locally.

In 1992, King Pepper Product

became a client of Factories

Corporation of Jamaica, renting a

5,000 square foot building. Over

the years, the company added on

to adapt to its needs. Eight years

later in 2000, the building was

bought from FCJ.

After purchasing the 5,000

square foot building, 25 years

later, King Pepper Products now

rents another 10,000 square feet

from FCJ.

“We have an excellent

relationship with FCJ. For more

than half of our existence, we

have been dealing with FCJ. It’s

been a beneficial relationship;

communication has been easy,

and they have really understood

our needs. They believe in us and

as a result, it has really fostered

our growth to get where we are

today and we continue to

dialogue with FCJ as we expand,

and hopefully in the future, there

are additional opportunities we

can take advantage of,” Wong