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Freezone Complex.

The staff complement at

Factories Corporation grew very

quickly, and soon, it had to find a

new location from its Oceana

Hotel offices. We soon moved to

new offices at 1 Kings Street,

which was just across the road

from the hotel, where the

organisation remained for most of

its existence.

As the FCJ family grew, so did

mine. During my 29 years, I got

married and became the father of

three daughters. My immediate

family became incorporated in my

extended family. FCJ allowed my

family to feel like part of the work

family. We participated in staff

trips. The staff could be considered



My association with FCJ afforded

me the opportunity to build my

own home, purchase a motor

vehicle, and make my family


During the early years, in the

1980s, it was not comfortable,

however, for security operations at

the Garmex Free Zone. Because of

its location in the west Kingston

area, which was in proximity to

some volatile communities, there

were issues with break-ins and

vending on the facility. My security

team remained resolute in carrying

out our duties, however, and

Garmex of today is completely

different. It’s a safe place to work

and do business.

So 29 years of association with

FCJ has resulted in significant

personal growth. Over the same

period, I have seen the changes

and the significant growth that

Factories Corporation of Jamaica

has also made:

Growth in its staff

complement from 23 to 113;

Growth in the pride with

which staff performed their duties

and tasks;

Growth in the policy direction

of the organisation, which is

contributing to even greater

growth for the country and its

Vision 2030 agenda.

As the longest-serving employee

of Factories Corporation of

Jamaica, I want to say

congratulations to the past and

present management and staff.

Because of you, we are here

celebrating 30 years of existence

and look forward to greater things

to come.






Kudos from the JCC family

THE JAMAICA Chamber of

Commerce (JCC) extends its

heartiest congratulations to

Factories Corporation of Jamaica

(FCJ) for completing 30 years of

operation. We are particularly

proud that for a number of those

years, the FCJ has been one of our

stellar associate members.

The FCJ has been a reliable

partner in the country’s ongoing

effort to stimulate sustainable

economic development. Perhaps

the most important part of its

mandate has been to develop and

manage industrial and commercial

space islandwide, an undertaking

that is of paramount importance

at a time when the nation’s

economic growth depends on the

creation of multiple thousands of

jobs annually. Such investment in

productive infrastructure is crucial

as our economic needs are island-

wide in nature.

It is very likely that over the

next phase of its history, and as

the Jamaican economy evolves,

that the FCJ may itself evolve to

reflect new and potentially more

optimal models of public-private-

partnerships, where the relative

strengths of the partners are

leveraged to result in many new

businesses finding space in FCJ-

developed facilities for lease and

purchase. That would be a win-

win situation!

Congratulations from the JCC

family on your productive journey

over the years, and we look

forward to celebrating future

milestones with you for many

more years to come.

B. Larry Watson


Jamaica Chamber of