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An achievement that

must be celebrated

THE 30TH Anniversary of

Factories Corporation of Jamaica

(FCJ) Limited is a


achievement that must

be celebrated.

My administration’s

efforts to achieve real

economic growth have

been supported by the

operations of the FCJ.

Indeed, the move to

strategically develop

factory spaces in cities

and towns across the

country is linked to ensuring more

jobs for Jamaicans and to bolstering

the growth agenda. The unveiling

of plans to repurpose the old

Goodyear Factory in St Thomas is

an important thrust by Government

to improve and develop

communities in Jamaica.

Since it began operations 30 years

ago, FCJ has distinguished itself as

the island’s premier provider of

industrial and commercial space. I

am pleased to see the strategic steps

being undertaken to strengthen

the organisation’s structure and

increase the return on assets

and profitability of the FCJ.

Based on your new mandate to

increase economic growth and

job creation, your supporting

role remains crucial to spurring

growth in agro-processing,

business process outsourcing,

manufacturing, and


I extend heartiest

congratulations to the board of

directors, the management and

staff, both past and present and all

those who have contributed to this

significant milestone.

I wish for the company every

success and look forward to your

continued partnership for sustained

economic growth.


Prime Minister


Best wishes for future success

CONGRATULATIONS TO the Factories Corporation

of Jamaica (FCJ) on its 30th anniversary. This milestone

is an opportune time to highlight the important role

that the FCJ has played in the growth and

development agenda of Jamaica since its

formation in 1987.

Indeed, it has, over the years, become one of

the leading drivers of the Government of

Jamaica’s economic growth and job creation by

providing real estate solutions for a variety of

industries such as light manufacturing, agro-

processing, warehousing and business process

outsourcing. With such a large expanse of

factory space available islandwide and more

planned developments, the Factories

Corporation offers hope and promise to many

young job seekers and entrepreneurs who are willing to

venture into industry.

In recent years, the growth of the business process

outsourcing (BPO) industry demonstrates possibilities

that were not considered in earlier years. For much of

our time in office, therefore, we sought not only to push

the FCJ to meet the demand for space, but to re-focus

the organisation on becoming a critical partner in the

development of Jamaica’s Logistics Hub


The company has indeed performed well,

leading many of the plans for the

development of Special Economic Zones and

the take-off of the BPO sector. In the

process, the corporation has become

financially stronger and is positioned to make

an even greater contribution to Jamaica’s

industrial development and economy.

Successive boards of directors,

management and staff can be proud of their

contributions to the development and

growth of the Factories Corporation of Jamaica.

Once again, my congratulations and best wishes for

future success.


Leader of the Opposition


SINCE ITS inception 30 years ago, the

Factories Corporation of Jamaica (FCJ) has

grown exponentially and is now considered to

be the largest provider of industrial and

commercial factory space and real estate, with

1.8 million square feet of factory space and

405 acres of vacant lands under its control.

It is, therefore, a critical agency to the

growth agenda as operating space is an

invaluable component for investment and


I am heartened by the FCJ’s current

A critical agency for growth




, 19