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Y NAME is Anita Palmer, I

am 19 years old. In 2015, I

graduated from the Convent of

Mercy Academy (‘Alpha’) with

nine CSEC subjects. I know I

wanted to further my education,

but financially I did not know how

this would be possible.

In May 2015, I applied to

Factories Corporation of Jamaica

(FCJ) to be a part of the company’s

summer programme. I participated

in a six-week programme facilitated

by FCJ at the Bustamante Hospital

for Children that started in June

and ended in July 2015.

By this time, I was now a high-

school graduate and was about to

start a new chapter of my life. I

was accepted at the University of

Technology to pursue my bachelors

in communication arts and

technology; that lasted for a

month, however. I was forced to

stop because of financial



In October 2015, I was back at

FCJ, this time as part of a project

in the Record Unit. I was excited

because I was now better able to

offset some of my educational

expenses. Although I had to sit out

the year from university, I used

that opportunity to save my salary

which was then put towards my

school fee.

A year and five months passed

with me serving as a records clerk,

but I had a bigger dream. That

dream became a reality in March

2017 when FCJ added the

Marketing and Communications

Department, which, because of my

graphic designing skills, I was

selected to be a part of.

I was excited. I liked the Records

Unit, but managing records was

just not me. I was not motivated, I

just came to work because I had a

job to perform and did it to the

best of my ability. I knew there was

so much potential in me waiting to

be unleashed and being placed in

the Marketing and

Communications Department, I

got the opportunity to prove


I’m now back at the University

of Technology, where I have

resumed my studies. This fits

perfectly into my social media and

graphics responsibilities here at

FCJ. I also had the opportunity to

showcase my designs at the

Jamaica Manufacturers’

Association’s 2017 Jamaica

International Exhibition, where I

was instrumental in designing the

booth, the brochures and the


It is fun. It is also quite fulfilling,

but it involves a lot of work. I am

willing to do my best at any task I

am given. I am learning a lot and

broadening my experience in my

field of study.

It started out as an opportunity

to be employed, but it’s now part of

the bigger picture of me realising

my dream to become the best

graphics designer worldwide. For

this I say ‘thank you’ to Factories

Corporation of Jamaica for

allowing me to dream and to see

my dream becoming a reality.

Factories Corporation of Jamaica is a strong believer in the growth and development of

our young people. Increasing the number of young people employed is a major focus of

the Government of Jamaica’s Economic Growth and Job Creation Agenda. Over the past

two months, FCJ has employed 16 HOPE trainees, who have been assigned across

FCJ’s 10 departments and are now contributing significantly to the growth of the

company. Including the latest group, since 2012 FCJ has employed 221 young persons

as summer workers; some have gone on to be full-time employees. Anita Palmer is one

such person who now shares her story.



FCJ a strong

believer in

young people