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Page Background

Rusea’s High’s

academic achievements





School have always been led

into bright and promising

careers, not only because of

the school’s aptitude for

delivering quality education,

but also because of the

impressive roster of extra-

curricular activities that has

helped shaped students into

well-rounded individuals.

Rusea’s High, which is

currently celebrating its 240th

anniversary, recognises the

importance of its extra-

curricular programmes.

The Rusea’s Young Achievers’

Club, for instance, emerged as

National Champions in

Entrepreneurship in

Jamaica and was second in the

Americas in the 2015-16

academic year and further

advanced to first place in the

Junior Achievement Marketing

Competition and the Social

Media Showdown Competition.

In that same year, the

school’s dance group received

four silver medals at the

Jamaica Cultural Development

Commission (JCDC) Dance

Festival. Additionally, in the

2016-17 academic year, the

group received a trophy for

Most Outstanding School in

Dance (Senior Category) at

the Hanover Regional Awards,



HE PARENT-teacher association

(PTA) congratulates Rusea’s

High School on its 240th years

of existence. The role of the PTA has

always been to advocate for the

improvement in the lives of our

children. It is very important in these

days for parents to continue to be

actively involved in the education of

their children. So to be in your

children’s lives tomorrow, you have

to be in their lives today.

The successes that our children

have attained over the years is

indicative of the type of relationship

that the PTA shares with Rusea’s High

School. This is proof that a school

that fosters partnership between

parents and teachers must bear


We are proud to be with this noble

institution and look forward to

continued support as we continue to

guide our children along the path to




Rusea’s PTA

A fruitful partnership

The successes that

our children have

attained over the

years is indicative

of the type of

relationship that the

PTA shares with

Rusea’s High


MARKED BY its outstanding

academic achievements

throughout its 240-year

history, the esteemed Rusea’s

High School in Hanover is at

the pinnacle of secondary-

level education in Jamaica.

This is evidently more so

in recent years as Rusea’s

High continues to display

academic prowess in all

major examinations,

rivalling other traditional

high schools in western

Jamaica, and, by extension,

across the entire island.

Over the past five years,

Rusea’s has done

commendably well in the

annual Caribbean Secondary

Education Certificate (CSEC)

Examination as well as in the

Caribbean Advanced

Proficiency Examination (CAPE).

Regarding CSEC, the school

has successfully recorded top

passes in the various subject

areas such as agricultural

science, visual arts, economics,

office administration, principles

of business, industrial arts, and

English language.

Rusea’s High is also known

nationally for its sporting

accomplishments and so it is

no surprise that physical

education is one of the

subject areas in which the

school continues to be a top



Information technology,

human and social biology,

electronic document

preparation management

and home economics are

other subjects that further

highlight the institution’s

outstanding CSEC

performances, which have

led to many of its brightest

young minds copping several

awards and scholarships

along the way.

At the CAPE level, students

have also distinguished

themselves in all subjects areas

by achieving between 85 per

cent to 100 per cent passes

for the period in focus.

“Our academic staff and

students continue to strive

for perpetual excellence,

thus maintaining the

academic prestige of the

institution,” said principal

Linvern Wright.

The principal promised that

as Rusea’s High celebrates its

240th year of educating the

nation’s youth, that the

institution will continue to

uphold its status as a premier

high school in Jamaica.

Rusea’s High’s sixth-form students in a class.

Outstanding performances

in extra-curricular activities


Members of the Rusea’s High School Dance Group, alongside

their instructors Shimoya Reece-Williams (back row, left) and

Christina Reid (back row, right).



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