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mandate to provide 40 per cent of newly-constructed

space for small and medium-size enterprises,

particularly new start-up companies because, as we all

know, the MSME sector is usually a major driver of

growth and employment in any economy.

In addition, the FCJ is moving to leverage

government assets through greater collaboration with

the Development Bank of Jamaica, the Port Authority

of Jamaica, and JAMPRO, with four enterprise projects

to come on stream including the Naggo Head and

Caymanas Technology Parks in St Catherine; the

Garmex Free Zone in Kingston, and the old Goodyear

factory in St Thomas.

Through these projects, the FCJ will undertake

US$134 million in investments, with the potential to

create more than 27,000 jobs.

With the recent strengthening of its governance

structure following a 2016 report by the auditor

general, I have every confidence in the ability of the

FCJ to fulfil its stated mandates and contribute

significantly to the growth of our economy and the

prosperity of our people.

On this significant 30-year milestone, I heartily

commend the management and staff of the FCJ for

their dedication, commitment, and focus over the years

and wish for the agency and all its stakeholders,

continued success for the future.


Minister without Portfolio

Ministry of Economic Growth

& Job Creation

FCJ about to create history

IT IS certainly a pleasure to be chairman

of Factories Corporation of Jamaica

(FCJ) at a time like this when the

company is celebrating such a significant

milestone. Thirty years of

supporting the growth and

development of businesses

through space is a significant


What is even more interesting

is that as we celebrate our 30th

year of existence, exciting, game-

changing developments are taking

place within the organisation.

These will have a wide-reaching

impact on not just FCJ, but on the


As one of the drivers of the

Government’s economic growth and job-

creation agenda, I am happy to be

involved in the process of fulfilling the

company’s mandate. Within the next

year, three major enterprise projects are

set to get off the ground.

These are the redevelopment of the

old Goodyear Factory in Morant Bay, St

Thomas; the redevelopment of the

Garmex Freezone in Kingston; and the

development of the Naggo Head

Technology Park in Portmore, St


The Goodyear redevelopment will

result in the creation of the Morant Bay

Urban Centre, which will see the

amalgamation of services provided by the

Government of Jamaica with those

provided by the private

sector. The redevelopment

of the Garmex Freezone

and Commercial Complex

located on Marcus Garvey

Drive in Kingston will

result in the creation of

more space for small and

medium-sized enterprises in

a variety of industries.

Some 20,000 persons are

expected to be employed

when the development of

the Naggo Head Technology Park is

completed. It will create 750,000 square

feet of space targeting specifically

individuals in the business process

outsourcing industry.

So within this our 30th year of

existence, FCJ is now getting ready to

create history, which will form part of our

celebrations for another 30 years.

Happy 30th to the management and

staff of FCJ. Let’s begin the process of

shaping another 30 years.



Factories Corporation of Jamaica


Heading in the

right direction

I AM honoured to be heading Factories

Corporation of Jamaica (FCJ) in this our

30th anniversary.


FCJ’s 30 years of

existence, the

company has seen

changes which are

redounding to its

overall growth and

success in

executing its

mandate. The latest

set of changes have

resulted in improvements to our Corporate

Governance structure. The relationship

between the board and executives has been

streamlined and there has been a

realignment of the organisation’s structure.

As we celebrate our 30th year of

existence, we have increased our staff

complement to provide valuable additions

which will result in the continued success

of the organisation. FCJ is a company

which is big on youth development and

over the years we have seen growth in our

youth base throughout our 10 departments.




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