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MIDA IS very pleased

to partner with

the First Union

Financial Group

in providing


support to the

micro enter-

prise sector,

which has been


positively to the growth of

our economy.

The relationship with First

Union Financial Company

Limited and the Micro

Investment Development

Agency Limited (MIDA) began

in September 2010, when we

accredited the company as

one of our approved micro

finance organisations (MFOs)

and during the period of

eight years, have

accessed substantial

loan funds for retail-

ing to the micro-

enterprise sector.

This has assisted the

company in expand-

ing its network of

branches from seven to

13 and the recent comple-

tion of a 10,000 square foot

multi-purpose building which will

also house the head office of First

Union Financial Group Limited.

Over the eight years of

partnering with First Union, we

have enjoyed a very good

working relationship with key

management personnel and

can proudly attest to the fact

that the microenterprise sector

is for the better, because of

First Union Financial Group

Limited. The founder and chief

executive officer has really

demonstrated the true spirit of

an entrepreneur, that is, always

looking for new and innovative

ways of serving the sector

which is so dear to his heart.

Once again, we salute this

achievement along with its

recent expansion into various

industries, both locally and

internationally, and wish for

the company, its directors, and

the hard-working and

dedicated staff, continued

success in the years to come.

First Union Financial Group

Limited is indeed a company

with a vision.



Micro Investment

Development Agency

JAMFIN is proud to

offer heartiest con-

gratulations to the

First Union

Financial Group

Limited. Under

the visionary

leadership of the

indefatigable Lloyd

Campbell, what

started out as a small

loan service, First Union

Financial Company Limited,

has now grown to become a

substantial group of companies

offering a variety of services

and spawning several industries.

It is not often that we get to

celebrate the success of one of

our own who started from

humble beginnings, and,

despite challenges and obsta-

cles along the way, has been

able to display the strength and

resilience needed to overcome

the many hurdles that face

entrepreneurs in Jamaica. The

First Union Financial Group is to

be commended for the quality

of service that it has

been able to offer

its customers over

the years.

The high level

of service is a

product of the

values that have

been promoted

throughout the

group. First Union is

committed not only to

its own success, but has

made a meaningful contribu-

tion to the development of the

national economy by helping

those who would otherwise not

be able to access financing to

propel their businesses.

JAMFIN looks forward to the

continued growth and success

of the companies within the





Jamaica Association

for Micro-Financing


IRST UNION Financial

Group Limited is

celebrating 18 years of

successful business operation

and service to the employees

and entrepreneurs of

Jamaica. First Union Financial

Group Limited has grown

from operating its business

out of a red 1993 Honda

Integra car to its newly

constructed multimillion-

dollar corporate headquarters

and a total of 14 branches


We have grown steadily

over the years and continue

to expand through

diversification under the First

Union Financial Group with

our various subsidiaries

operating in different

industries, while maintaining

our core function of micro-

financing for small and

medium-size businesses and

loans for the employees

across the country.

Our group consists of the

following subsidiaries: First

Union Financial Company,

UnionOne Express, eMac

Office Systems, First Union

Homes, PinkCat Pest Control

Services, HomeFox, Tyco

Foods, First Union Foundation

We celebrate the success

of one of our own

The evolution of

a Jamaican brand



, 20

A company with a vision