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Page Background

and Union Point Corporate

Options. With our relentless

support to the Jamaican

economy through direct

distribution of liquidity in the

market at the micro level, as

well as by investments in other

sectors, such as two of our

newly established subsidiaries,

First Union Homes and PinkCat

Pest Control Services, we continue

to create direct and indirect

employment through the serv-

ices offered in our 14 branches,

which we know help to stimu-

late the Jamaican economy’s

growth and development.

First Union Financial Group’s

new corporate headquarters is

an impressive 10,000-square-

foot building located in the

busy thoroughfare at 43

Eastwood Park Road in

Kingston 10. From the grand,

majestic and spacious interior,

bolstered with vibrant colours

and expansive workspaces on

the interior, to the public space

that surrounds its exterior;

from the architectural features,

built in a tasteful mix of

modern and vintage European

style, the building has a distinct

and welcoming ‘First Union’

feel. The building was designed

and constructed by First Union

Homes Limited and Lexington

Homes Limited. The overall

multimillion-dollar building

costs were financed by First

Union Financial Company

Limited. The interior layout and

design was executed by eMac

Office Systems Limited and

Addon Irons Interior Designs.

First Union Financial’s

success is largely owed to its

financial backers, such as the

Development Bank of Jamaica,

National Insurance Fund and

Micro Investment

Development Agency (MIDA),

who have never declined the

demands for funds to assist in

the development of Jamaican

entrepreneurs across the

island. Development Options

Limited, with its CEO Maureen

Webber, was instrumental in

educating our CEO and

Chairman Lloyd Campbell

about the opportunities and

obstacles in the microfinance

industry, which laid the

foundation for First Union

Financial as it is today.

First Union Financial

continues to provide liquidity

to entrepreneurs across

Jamaica through the provision

of loans to micro, small and

medium enterprises (MSMEs),

as well as employees in the

public sector and stable private

companies. The company plans

to continue offering diverse

and flexible financial solutions

to customers, along with main-

taining its provision of liquidity

to MSMEs through various

business loan options. First

Union Financial has recently

introduced mass reduction in

interest rates, and reduced

turnaround time in processing

due to increased use of our

online application process and

at-your-desk loans, along with

seasonal promotions.

Over the years, we have built

a strong brand on the pillars of

integrity, trust, efficiency, and

effectiveness coupled with

superior customer service

while meeting the needs of

our clients. It is our mission to

continue our growth and con-

tribution through our invest-

ments in both Jamaica and the

wider Caribbean region.

First Union Financial Group is

taking this opportunity to

thank all of its clients for their

years of support, its suppliers

and its magnificent team of

employees for their hard work,

vision and dedicated service.



School and York Castle High


The requirements for the

scholarship were as follows:

Applicants should have

an ‘A’ average.

Good attendance.

Should be part of one or

more extra-curricular


Two recommendations

from a teacher, pastor or

member of the


On Friday, September 8,

2017, all successful candi-

dates were invited to visit

the new head office of

First Union Financial Group

to collect their cheques.

First Union Foundation

will continue to play its

part in creating

opportunities for

underprivileged youth to

encourage, reward and

enable them to build a

solid foundation, which will

further impact our nation’s

growth. We encourage

them to strive for

excellence in all their




UnionOne Express and other subsidiaries


Union’s major subsidiaries, is a local

and international courier service

established in 2013. It facilitates

online shopping, the clearance of

packages and the delivery of both

local and international packages.

Additionally, UnionOne Express has

local partnerships with various

entities, such as one with

internationally renowned logistic

company Federal Express, allowing

for the delivery of international

packages to the most remote areas

in Jamaica. We aim to make

UnionOne Express one of the most

competitive and customer-centric

online shopping and ground courier

service businesses in the Caribbean,

and beyond that will deliver excep-

tional customer service. We are cur-

rently investing in a software

system that will not only enhance

our business operations, but will

give customers much speedier

delivery services. With our ware-

house and office space in Miami,

Florida, we are able to maintain

control over our distribution

channels, enabling us to cater to

Jamaica and the wider Caribbean


UnionOne Express offers free

membership to all our current and

potential customers, and provides

discounts on weight charges for

individuals who ship in bulk and/or for

business purposes. Our 14 branches

islandwide allow our customers to

collect their packages quickly and

conveniently, or they can choose to

have it delivered to their door through

our local courier service.


Newer subsidiaries under the group

include PinkCat Pest Control Services,

which is licensed as a pest control

operator by the Pest Control

Authority. To aid in our efficiency, we

use a well-defined Integrated pest

management programme to help

eliminate or drastically reduce the

use of pesticides, as well as to

minimise the toxicity of and exposure

to any products which are used. A

wide range of services are available

for pre-construction and post-con-

struction treatments.

In addition, First Union Homes’ first

project was the building of the new

corporate headquarters of First

Union Financial Group and is current-

ly engaged in a joint-venture project

of building an apartment complex in

the Barbican area that will be avail-

able on the market soon. The aim of

First Union Homes is to build and

provide middle-income housing

throughout Jamaica in the years to

come, which will act as a catalyst for